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By Neale R. Neelameggham, Cynthia K. Belt, Mark Jolly, Ramana G. Reddy, Yurko

  • Approaches on carbon dioxide (CO2) emission aid in steel creation via superior strength potency in lifestyles cycle gas use, mark downs in carbonate-based flux/raw fabric utilization, in addition to discovering thermodynamically possible reactions resulting in decrease emissions.
  • Energy saving strategies for extraction and processing of ferrous and nonferrous metals and different materials
  • Capture, conservation, and use of warmth generated from processing


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Second, stainless steel exhibits good corrosion protection. 5 mm, but within a factor of 2 on either side, this optimum for the power and efficiency is seen to decrease markedly. This makes the point that with a very good conductor (eg: copper) finding a thickness that yields optimal performance is much easier than with a conductor of lesser quality. 1 Figure 7 - Power and Efficiency vs Stainless Steel Conductor Thickness L3 Implications for Scale-Up The amount of thermal energy passing through a given thermoelement is proportional to the cross-sectional area.

These costs are very preliminary and can vary by as much as 100%. DO NOT use the costs for economic analysis for site-specific cases. 0 years. 22 Table 4. Heat Recovery Systems - Summary A subset of heat recovery is the generation of electricityfromthe waste heat. The conventional systems use a steam boiler, steam turbine, and a generator. Other options are now available that can be used for lower temperature heat sources. e. Kalina, Neogen systems), Super Critical carbon dioxide systems and Thermo-Electric Generators (TEG).

46 Figure 8 - A Two-Element Model While the focus of this paper was on thermoelectric generation, any given generator can be used for heat pumping (also known as Peltier cooling) by attaching it to an external power source. The same parasitic components that adversely impact thermoelectric power generation are also detrimental to thermoelectric heat pumping and many of the observations of the present paper will carry over to heat pumping applications. Acknowledgements The research described in this paper was partially supported by NASA under contract NNX10CB69C.

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