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By Philip Yungkin Lee

A concise Mandarin chinese language word ebook and consultant to chinese, Essential Chinese comprises easy vocabulary useful for speaking in Mandarin Chinese.

Have you ever thought of studying Mandarin chinese language (putonghua), yet been dispose of through the weird glance of the characters? do not enable your self be scared away! Mandarin chinese language really has easier grammar than English and there aren't any conjugations—meaning an individual can research a couple of very important words in no time.

China has 1.3 billion humans and because of tasks to part out local dialects in desire of Mandarin chinese language, the vast majority of them can converse in Mandarin. a part of Tuttle Publishing's Essential Phrasebooks sequence, Essential Chinese is a brilliant first creation and newbie consultant to the language of China and Taiwan. excellent for company humans or vacationer touring to China or for college kids who are looking to complement their studying (and get an A in Mandarin class!), this book's effortless indexing characteristic permits it to behave as an chinese language phrasebook or as a Mandarin to English Dictionary / English to Mandarin Dictionary. A smart "point to" characteristic helps you to easily aspect to a word translated in chinese language with no the necessity to say a unmarried be aware or learn a unmarried personality. you'll soon end up turning to Essential Chinese time and again while vacationing and dealing or interacting with chinese language speakers

In this booklet you'll find:

  • Over 1500 useful sentences for daily use.
  • A word list of over two hundred phrases and expressions.
  • phrases and words overlaying crucial features of touring and residing in China.

This newbie Mandarin booklet might help you to fast and simply research chinese language. Your skill to learn chinese language, write chinese language, communicate chinese language, and understand chinese language might be drastically enhanced with no need to take a complete Arabic language classification. different titles during this bestselling sequence of phrasebooks comprise: Essential eastern, crucial chinese language, crucial Korean, crucial Tagalog, and crucial Arabic.

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Wǒ jiào... 我叫⋯ I’m... Wǒ shì... 我是 What’s your name? (formal) Qǐngwèn, nín guìxìng? 请问, 您贵姓? What’s your name? (informal) Nǐ jiào shénme míngzi? 你叫什么名字? May I introduce...? , zhè shì... 我来介绍, 这是⋯, 这是⋯ This is my wife/husband Zhè shì wǒ qīzi/zhàngfu 这是我妻子/丈夫 This is my daughter/son Zhè shì wǒ nǚ’ér/érzi 这是我女儿/儿子 This is my mother/father (formal) Zhè shì wǒ mǔqin/fùqin 这是我母亲/父亲 This is my mother/father (informal) Zhè shì wǒ mā/wǒ bà 这是我妈/我爸 This is my fiancée/fiancé Zhè shì wǒ wèihūnqī/wèihūnfū 这是我未婚妻/未婚夫 This is my girlfriend/boyfriend Zhè shì wǒ nǚpéngyou/nánpéngyou 这是女朋友/男朋友 This is my friend Zhè shì wǒ péngyou 这是我朋友 How do you do?

Hē diǎn shénme yǐnliào? 喝点什么饮料? – go for a walk/drive? Chūqu zǒuzou/Kāichē guàngyiguàng? 出去走走/开车逛一逛? Yes, all right Hǎo a! 好啊! Good idea Hǎo zhǔyì! 7 Paying a compliment You look great! (formal/informal) Nǐ kàn shàngqu zhēn shuài! 你看上去真帅! Jǐntiān zěnme zhème shuài! 今天怎么这么帅! I like your car! /Wǒ xǐhuan nǐde chē! /Nǐ zhēn hǎo! 你 (对) 人真好!/你真好! What a good boy/girl! Hǎo háizi! 8 Intimate comments/questions I like being with you Wǒ xǐhuan gēn nǐ zài yìqǐ 我喜欢跟你在一起 I’ve missed you so much Wǒ fēicháng xiǎngniǎn nǐ 我非常想念你 I dreamt about you Wǒ mèngjiàn nǐ 我梦见你 I think about you all day Wǒ yítiān-dàowǎn dōu xiǎngzhe nǐ 我一天到晚都想着你 I’ve been thinking about you all day Wǒ zhěngtiān dōu zài xiǎng nǐ 我整天都在想你 You have such a sweet smile Nǐde xiàoróng zhēn tián 你的笑容真甜 You have such beautiful eyes Nǐde yǎnjing duōme mírén 你的眼睛多么迷人 I love you (I’m fond of you) Wǒ xǐhuanshàng nǐ le 我喜欢上你了 I’m in love with you Wǒ àishàng nǐ le 我爱上你了 I’m in love with you too Wǒ yě àishàng nǐ le 我也爱上你了 I love you Wǒ ài nǐ 我爱你 I love you too Wǒ yě ài nǐ 我也爱你 I don’t feel as strongly about you Wǒ duì nǐ méiyǒu tèbié de gǎnqíng 我对你没有特别的感情 I already have a girlfriend/boyfriend Wǒ yǐjīng yǒu nǚpéngyou/nánpéngyou le 我已经有女朋友/男朋友了 I’m not ready for that Wǒde gǎnqíng hái méiyǒu dào zhé yí bù 我的感情还没有到这一步 I don’t want to rush into it Wǒ bù xiǎng zhème kuài jiù xiànjìnqu 我不想这么快就陷进去 Take your hands off me Bǎ nǐde shǒu nákāi!

Why? Wèishénme? 为什么? Could you...? /Qǐng... /请⋯ Could you help me/give me a hand please? Nǐ néng/kěyǐ bāngzhu wǒ ma? 你能/可以帮助我吗? Qǐng bāng wǒ ge máng 请帮我个忙 Could you point that out to me/show me please? Qǐng zhǐ gěi wǒ kàn 请指给我看 Could you come with me, please? Qǐng gén wǒ lái 请跟我来 Could you reserve/book me some tickets please? Qǐng gěi wǒ yùdǐng jǐ zhāng piào 请给我预订几张票 Could you recommend another hotel? Qǐng gěi wǒ tuījiàn yī jiā lǚguǎn, hǎo ma? 请给我推荐一家旅馆, 好吗? Do you know...? (formal) Nǐ zhī bu zhīdao...?

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