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By J. L. Sellink

Our wisdom of the ailments of the small gut has elevated vastly because the moment international battle. The advances made within the auxiliary sciences, particularly biochemistry and histology, are regularly dependable and feature ended in their elevated significance during this box. it truly is unlucky that even though radiology additionally contributed new figuring out, it has no longer been in a position to fit the growth of the opposite sciences. regardless of the developments made in, for example, vascular exam, radiology has skilled a relative reduce in its value to the differential analysis of the ailments of the small gut. the most cause of this can be that radiology can in basic terms supply a really modest contribution to the differentiation among the various ailments with the malabsorption syndrome. In a couple of circumstances, radiological differential prognosis is in precept impossible simply because there are just histological and biochemical abnormalities of the mucous membrane of the small gut with out macroscopic abnormalities. There stay in spite of the fact that many ailments with malabsorption for which a morphological exam may be hugely priceless. this is applicable for: 1. illnesses with gross anatomical abnormalities: anastomoses, fistulae, blind loops; strictures, adhesions; diverticula. 2. illnesses with neighborhood, frequently relatively gross mucosal abnormalities: leukemia, Hodgkin's illness, lymphosarcoma; intra-mural bleeding; neighborhood edema because of venous congestion (e. g. thrombosis) or lymphatic obstruction (irradiation treatment). three. illnesses with extra normal mucosal abnormalities: edema as a result of: lymphangiectasis, allergies, protein-losing enteropathy; amyloidosis, Whipple's ailment, scleroderma.

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Increased from 1 to 3 (fig. 11). g. b. g. b. lower. When the film density is even higher, the same applies for the large pipe. g. b. g. b. 3. b. decreases to the advantage of the contrast fluid with the lowest specific gravity. The experiment was repeated but this time the wooden beads were not located in the middle of the plastic pipes but along the wall. Fig. 12 shows the results, which are similar to those of the previous experiment. b. they are more clearly visible than in the previous experiment.

In the lower half of the density curve is always too low. A combination of these 2 factors is particularly unfavourable, especially for a colon examination. 2. b. (approx. g. yields the most information. g. b. can also be decreased without a loss of information. This means a lower radiation dose for the patient. 3. For the colon examination, the specific gravity of the contrast fluid must be lower than for a transit examination and the blackening of the background must be higher. 4. The loss in information due to underexposure of the x-ray films is less when a contrast fluid with a low specific gravity is used.

When perforations occur and the barium mixture containing tannin enters the abdominal cavity, a serious chemical peritonitis develops. To avoid lethal termination acute surgical intervention and cleaning of the abdominal cavity is absolutely necessary. As far as we know, tannin has never played a role of any importance in the examination of the small intestine although the influence of a cup of strong tea consumed the evening before the examination has never been studied. In 1938 WOOLDMAN (216) reported that the addition of colloidal aluminum hydroxyde to the contrast medium produced good results.

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