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By Don Syme, Adam Granicz, Antonio Cisternino

Expert F# 2.0 is ready functional programming in a stunning language that places the facility and style of practical programming into the fingers builders. together with .NET, F# achieves unmatched degrees of programmer productiveness and application readability.

Expert F# 2.0 is

  • The authoritative advisor to F# by way of the inventor of F#
  • A complete reference of F# innovations, syntax, and contours
  • A treasury of specialist F# concepts for sensible, real-world programming

F# is not just one other useful programming language. it is a general-purpose language perfect for real-world improvement. F# seamlessly integrates practical, significant, and object-oriented programming types so that you can flexibly and assuredly resolve any programming challenge. no matter what your history, you will find that F# is straightforward to profit, enjoyable to take advantage of, and terribly robust. F# will switch how you imagine about–and move about–programming.

Written via F#'s inventor and significant participants to its improvement, Expert F# 2.0 is the authoritative, complete, and in-depth consultant to the language and its use. Designed to assist others turn into specialists, the 1st a part of the e-book fast but conscientiously describes the F# language. the second one half then exhibits easy methods to use F# elegantly for a large choice of functional programming tasks.

The world's most excellent specialists in F# aid you application in F# the way in which they do!

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Table 3-9 shows some of them. F# lists aren’t appropriate for all circumstances; for example, very large data structures should probably be represented using arrays or other data structures or even managed by an external tool such 34 CHAPTER 3 ■ CREATING YOUR FIRST F# PROGRAM as a relational database. We discuss a number of immutable data structures in the “Some Common Immutable Data Structures” sidebar. Table 3-9. length 'T list -> int Returns the length of the list. head 'T list -> 'T Returns the first element of a nonempty list.

Note In Chapter 3, you use some of the functions defined in this chapter. If you’re using F# Interactive, you may want to leave your session open as you proceed. 24 CHAPTER 3 ■■■ Creating Your First F# Program— Introducing Functional Programming F# is effective and productive primarily because it’s built on the tried and tested constructs of functional programming. This chapter covers the core building blocks of functional programming with F#, including simple types and function values, pattern matching, lists, options, and sequences; as well as how to declare some of your own simple types.

Most properties on graphical objects can be adjusted dynamically. Property <- value. " Setting properties dynamically is frequently used to configure objects, such as forms, that support many potential configuration parameters that evolve over time. The object created here is bound to the name form. Binding this value to a new name doesn’t create a new form; rather, two different handles now refer to the same object (they’re said to alias the same object). NET Values, Methods, and Properties Here are the differences between values, methods, and properties: • Simple values: Functions, parameters, and top-level items defined using let or pattern matching.

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