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By Charles J. Cazeau, Stuart D. Scott Jr. (auth.)

The objective of this booklet is to discover a few of these nice mysteries of the earth that experience captured the preferred mind's eye, and particularly these having their roots in our specialties of archaeology and geology. the typical reader most likely is unexpected with the earth sciences or the archaeological historical past of guy. Nor does the typical reader have the time and literary assets to make sure all she or he reads. Our goal is to lend a assisting hand via studying the facts that surrounds such mysteries because the legend of Atlantis and the ruins of Stonehenge, and, as logically as we will be able to, sift fact from falsehood and exagger­ ation. Early guy discovered himself in a global of unbelievable mysteries: meteors streaking throughout a star-studded sky, the darkness past the campfire's glow, the sound and fury of a volcano's eruption. Our earliest ancestors have been most likely mysteries to themselves, and completely prone to the subjectivity in their international. Fantasies could have been as a lot a formative impression as toolmaking within the early improvement of tradition. As humans collected wisdom and realizing in their atmosphere, previous mysteries vanished, basically to get replaced through others simply because a lot used to be now not understood.

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They were well adapted to hunting the herds. Archaeologists call these people Paleo-Indians. It is a long reach back for us to know much about these people, but fortunately they left behind widely scattered evidence of their hunting activity in 29 30 Diffusion and Sup_diffusion Fig. 2-1 A fluted projectile point of the type used by early North American hunters. the form of stone tools. Their most characteristic weapon was the fluted projectile point. Figure 2-1 shows an example of these flaked spear points with a long shallow groove, or "flute," removed from each side.

Grang_ . ' J toi l!! H (uS A ) Fig. 2-7. A cross-sectional drawing of Mystery Hill compared with sites in Britain. Yet I have personally seen, throughout New England, regular stone fences built in exactly the same way as the North Salem (Mystery Hill) walls; in fact they occur wherever large boulders are particularly plentiful, which makes their occurrence at North Salem entirely logical. Explaining the architecture of Mystery Hill in terms of European megalith builders is an unreasoned conclusion.

Dr. Bretschneider several years ago amply refuted this fable, which didn't prevent an English book on it from appearing recently. It is to be feared that the refutation of M. de Rosny and Lucian Adam will not put a stop to the reappearance of the monster. The Congress of Nancy would render a true service to science in declaring that it holds the Fu-Sang theory to be a SCientific sea serpent and in forbidding it to infest henceforth the latitudes of Americanism. As predicted, the speaker's prophetic words were answered when, almost a century later, in 1973, a research proposal was submitted to the Office of the Vice-Chancellor of Academic Programs of the State University of New York in Albany.

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