Forbidden Knowledge: Information They Don't Want You to Know - download pdf or read online

By Robert E. Bauman

You may quickly carry on your personal arms all you want to recognize to stay the lifetime of a very sovereign citizen -- with within, money-multiplying details on the way you can... many of the issues contain: The which means of normal Liberty, moment Passports & twin Nationality, Offshore Banking, Your funds and property making plans, Taxes & the way to keep away from them Legally, Offshore Tax Havens, own privateness and defense, and Offshore web pages

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What is a libertarian? T h e catch phrase, "Fiscally conservative; socially liberal," explains it— sort of. But simplifications often lose the essence of what they describe. Basically a libertarian is a person who believes in individual liberty, an unregulated market economy and social tolerance for diverse lifestyles. It's a "live and let live" philosophy. T h e foundation of libertarianism is the Non-Aggression Principle, which states that no one may initiate force or fraud against others. " Many libertarians trace their roots back to the eighteenth and nineteenth century classical free trade liberals to England's Adam Smith, John Locke, John Cobden, Richard Bright, French philosopher Frederic Bastiat and others.

Since the founding in 1960 of this association of young Barry Goldwater conservatives, there had been an uneasy peace between YAF's traditionalist conservative wing and the libertarian-Randian wing. Libertarian opposition to the Vietnam War, the military draft and other human rights issues finally erupted into full-scale political war. This confrontation resulted in a purge of the libertarians, who left en masse and met under St. Louis Gateway Arch to found a new movement. Luminaries such as Karl Hess, author of the 1960 Republican platfotm and a fotmet Goldwater-Nixon-Ford speech writer, Leonard Liggio, who would later become president of the Institute for 15 The Meaning of Natural Liberty Humane Studies, and most of the International Society for Individual Liberty's (ISIL) current board members were thete.

T h e properly equipped PT operates outside the usual rules, gaining perfect mobility and full human rights. PT is the logical and natural path to freedom from political whims and destructive buteaucracy. Perpetual Traveler PTs, People of Talent, can, at a few strokes of the pen, be truly free of Big Brother. Since oppressors and exploiters in the modern world exercise control with paperwork and computers, your prime objective is to disappear from all lists and registers of any kind. Once that is accomplished, your present government will lose interest in you.

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