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By National Research Council, Division on Earth and Life Studies, Board on Chemical Sciences and Technology, Committee on Scientific Assessment of Bullet Lead Elemental Composition Comparison

Since the Nineteen Sixties, testimony by way of representatives of the Federal Bureau of research in hundreds of thousands of felony circumstances has trusted proof from Compositional research of Bullet Lead (CABL), a forensic process that compares the fundamental composition of bullets came upon at against the law scene to the fundamental composition of bullets present in a suspect’s ownership. varied from ballistics concepts that evaluate striations at the barrel of a gun to these on a recovered bullet, CABL is used while no gun is recovered or whilst bullets are too small or mangled to monitor striations. Forensic research: Weighing Bullet Lead Evidence assesses the clinical validity of CABL, discovering that the FBI may still use a special statistical research for the approach and that, given adaptations in bullet production procedures, specialist witnesses should still clarify the very constrained conclusions that CABL effects can help. The file additionally recommends that the FBI take extra measures to make sure the validity of CABL effects, which come with bettering documentation, publishing info, and bettering on education and oversight.

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Jackiw, dated February 24, 2003. D. Koons in a personal communication on May 12, 2003. For additional details, see Peele et al. (1991). 15 The 1,837-bullet data set was provided by the FBI; received by the committee on May 12, 2003. ” 40 FORENSIC ANALYSIS: WEIGHING BULLET LEAD EVIDENCE While all bullets in the 1,837-bullet data set were to be measured three times using three fragments from each bullet, only the averages and standard deviations of the (unlogged) measurements are available. As a result, estimation of the measurement uncertainty (relative standard deviation within bullets) could only be estimated with bias.

W. J. Anal. At. Spectrom. ; and Kawaguchi, H. Anal. Sci. 28Buttigieg, COMPOSITIONAL ANALYSIS 23 ICP-MS has a number of advantages for the analysis of solid samples, including minimal sample preparation, no loss of volatile elements, reduced contamination from reagents, and high sample throughput. The main disadvantage of LA-ICP-MS is that its precision and accuracy are worse than those of ICP-MS with conventional pneumatic nebulization. 31 It may be advantageous to monitor future advancements of this method.

General approaches to assessing the closeness of the measured chemical compositions of the PS and CS bullets, 2. Data sets that are currently available for understanding the characteristics of data on bullet lead composition, 3. Estimation of the standard deviation of measures of bullet lead composition, a crucial parameter in determining error rates, and 4. How to determine the false match and false non-match rates implied by different cut-off points (the critical values) for the statistical procedures advocated here to define ranges associated with matches, non-matches, and (possibly) an intermediate situation of no assertion of match status.

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