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31 For more detail see page 895 et seq. of Born (1997). 42 Forensic Computing Exchangeable Image file Format (ExIF) Every JPEG file begins with the SOI (start of image) marker, “ff d8”, and ends with the EOI (end of image) marker, “ff d9”. In between these two markers are a series of blocks, each of which is defined by a specific marker. The size of each block is specified within the block and this allows applications that do not understand a particular marker to skip over the block concerned. It also provides considerable flexibility in the overall structure of the file.

PKWARE Inc. 0, Revised: 29 September 2006. com/documents/casestudies/APPNOTE. TXT. Williams, R. (1996) Data Powers of Ten. html. Ziv, J. and Lempel, A. (1977) A universal algorithm for sequential data compression, IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 23(3), 337–343. 3. IT Systems Concepts Introduction In this chapter we will examine the following topics: ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● The memory and the processor Address and data buses The stored program concept Format of instructions The processor mechanism A worked example of processor execution Stepping through the worked example Program and data and rules and objects Software and programming Breaking sequence A black box model of the PC In the previous chapter we have seen how we can use binary patterns, physically implemented as the two-state devices of a computer memory, to represent information in a wide variety of forms.

The specification, published in 1987, is referred to as “GIF87a” and an extended version published in 1989 is known as “GIF89a”. In the case of our example, the resulting GIF file is 64 kilobytes in size and two small segments of the file, examined using the Gander hexadecimal viewer, are shown at Fig. 21. The file signature (or magic number) can readily be seen in the first few bytes as “47 49 46 38 39 61” or “GIF89a”. This is followed immediately by the logical screen descriptor block, starting at address 06H, which specifies the width of the logical screen in pixels as “40 01” (translated from little endian this becomes 0140H = 320 decimal) and the height of the logical screen in pixels as “d6 00” (again, translated from little endian, this is 00d6H = 214 decimal).

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