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However, a bout of typhoid fever made him too ill to go on the campaign trail. So he hired Louis Howe, a newspaper reporter, to campaign for him. Roosevelt was so popular with the local farmers that he won the election without making a single appearance. His second term as state senator was short-lived. The newly elected president, Woodrow Wilson, offered 31-year-old Roosevelt a position as assistant secretary of the navy. This was a position Roosevelt could not turn down. On March 17, 1913, he walked into his new office at the Navy Department.

In 1926, convinced that the water would help him walk, he purchased the resort and 1,200 acres (486 ha) of surrounding land. He restored the buildings and turned them into a treatment center for people with polio. He hired doctors, nurses, and physical therapists to treat polio victims who came to Warm Springs from all over the world. Most of them were children. In New York, Howe kept up with Roosevelt’s political matters. In 1928, Alfred Smith won the Democratic nomination for president. In order to win against Republican candidate Herbert Hoover, Smith needed a strong supporter in New York.

The nation’s economy sank into what came to be called the Great Depression. In 1930, there were 4 million jobless Americans. By 1931, the number had increased to 6 million. Just one year later, 12 million people were out of work. One quarter of the workforce was unemployed, while another quarter was underemployed, working fewer hours than before. Hoovervilles In the 1930s, shantytowns The United States did not have appeared in cities all over programs such as unemployment the nation. Shanties were makeshift houses made of insurance or Social Security to help any material available— metal, plastic, plywood, its citizens.

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