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Yosh neshto] nothing else, thanks ništa drugo, hvala [neeshta droogo hvala] would you like anything to drink? želite li nešto 33 English ➜ Croatian popiti? [jeleeteh lee neshto popeetee] I don’t want anything, thanks ništa, hvala apart from osim [oseem] apartment stan aperitif aperitiv [apereeteev] apology isprika [eespreeka] appendicitis upala slijepog crijeva [oopala sleeyepog tsreeyeva] appetizer pikantno predjelo [peekantno pred-yelo] apple jabuka [yabooka] appointment sastanak dialogue ABCDEFGHIJKLAp good morning, how can I help you?

Imate li ovu vrstu filma? [eemateh lee ovoo verstoo feelma] yes, how many exposures? da, koliko ekspozicija? [koleeko ekspozeetseeya] 36 tridesetšest [treedesetshest] film processing razvijanje filma [razveeyan-yeh] filthy prljav [perlyav] find naći [nachee] I can’t find it ne mogu to naći [nemogoo] 58 dialogues how are you? kako ste? [steh] I’m fine, thanks hvala, dobro [hvala] is that OK? je li to u redu? [yeh lee to oo redoo] that’s fine, thanks u redu je, hvala možemo li ovdje upaliti vatru?

Vee] I’ve been here for a week ovdje sam već tjedan dana [t-yedan] forehead čelo [chelo] foreign stran foreigner stranac [stranats] (woman) strankinja [strankeenya] forest šuma [shooma] forget zaboraviti [zaboraveetee] I forget zaboravljam [zaboravlyam] I’ve forgotten (said by man/ woman) zaboravio/zaboravila sam [zaboraveeo/ zaboraveela] fork vilica [veeleetsa] (in road) račvanje [rachvan-yeh] form (paper) formular [formoolar] formal služben [sloojben] fortnight dva tjedna [t-yedna] fortunately srećom [srechom] forward: could you forward my mail?

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