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Smoked réttur n. m. dish rosalega adv. very saddur adj. m. full séríslenskur adj. m. especially Icelandic skyr n. neu. skyr, a yogurt-like specialty að smakka vl to taste smakkaðu vl imp. taste! smjör n. neu. butter sykur n. m. sugar sykurlaust adj. neu. sugar-free svart adj. neu. black svipað adj. neu. similar sæti n. neu. seat takk interj. thanks te n. neu. tea tiu num. ten ad vanta vl to lack, to need að vilja v. irr. to want að verða v3 to become, to have to Orðasambönd - Useful expressions Er til meira ...

Hrafnhildur: Hello, I’m fine. And you? Óli: I’m okay. Hrafnhildur: Óli, this is Jeremy. He is from the United States. Óli: Hello, nice to meet you! Jeremy: Hello. Yes, likewise it’s great to meet you. Óli: Huh? Do you speak Icelandic? Jeremy: Yes, I speak a bit. Óli: Jeremy: Really? That’s great! Óli: Jeremy: And how is that going? Óli: I’m studying French. Jeremy: Oh great! We could speak together in French then! Óli: No, not yet. I am just learning French! I don’t speak so well. I am studying Icelandic.

F. hi! (to a woman) ad byrja vl to start ekki adv. not, don’t en conj. but ég pron. I að fara v4 (ég fer) to go fina see finn finn adj. m. fine frá prep, from frábært adj. neu. great gaman n. neu. fun að ganga v3 (ég geng) walk, go (I walk) gengur v3 (3rdpers. , see ad ganga) he walks gott adj. neu. good ad heita v2 to be called hér adv. here hvað pron. what hvaðan adv. where ... from hvernig pron. how Lesson One islenska n. f Icelandic já interj. yes jæja interj. well! okay! kannski adv. maybe ad kenna v2 to teach kennari n.

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