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The fluid is stationary at the fixed plate and moves at velocity V at the moving plate. to the area of the sample that wets the plates. A shear stress acts parallel to the surface to which it is applied, and the units of stress are force per unit area, or Pa (N/m2) in the SI system. , which would be experienced in a real-world experiment). The top plate moves with a constant velocity V and shears a fluid sample of height H. The shear rate is constant across the gap so that all material sees the same deformation.

The tensile test is the most commonly performed test. Artifacts in measurement are seen because of deformation of material in the grip region. To overcome this problem, dogbone-shaped specimens are used. Truly accurate measurements, however, require the use of extensometers, localized displacement-measuring devices. Extensometers may be contact or noncontact. For design purposes, it is also of interest to measure the lateral contraction of the plastic in response to the applied tensile stress. The ratio of lateral contraction to tensile extension is termed Poisson’s ratio.

Several hours are required to bring a traditional furnace to temperature; the microwave muffle furnaces heat quickly up to 1200C. The microwave muffle furnace is an excellent tool for ashing of samples and can reduce ashing time significantly compared to conventional ovens, up to five times faster than conventional muffle furnaces, and eliminates the need for fume hoods, hot plates, or Bunsen burners. Copyright 2003 by Marcel Dekker, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Color Measurements A large diversity of color measurement equipment from different manufacturers is available to the analyst, offering great flexibility and capabilities.

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