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The types of targeted faults depend on the coverage level and the amount of semantic information available in the IPM. Dalal and Mallows [DM98] suggest a model for software faults in which faults are classified according to how many IPM parameters (factors) need distinct values to cause the fault to result in a failure. A t-factor fault is triggered whenever the values of some t IPM parameters are involved in triggering a failure. Each possible fault can be specified by giving the combination(s) of values relevant for triggering that fault.

4, Dec 2006, pp 583-611 [GLOA06] This paper compares dynamic properties, for example, found faults and size of test suite, of a number of combination strategies in a controlled experiment. 44 Method - A Combination Strategy Test Process IV Managing Conflicts when Using Combination Strategies to Test Software - M. Grindal, J. Offutt, J. Mellin - in Proceedings of the 18th Australian Conference on Software Engineering (ASWEC2007), Melbourne, Australia, 10-13 April 2007 [GOM07] This paper describes and evaluates a number of methods to handle conflicts in the input space of the test object.

6 provides an overview of how the papers are related to each other and to the process of using combination strategies in testing. 1 shows a test process specifically designed for the use of combination strategies [Gri04]. 1. 33 34 Method - A Combination Strategy Test Process Combination Strategy Test Process 1 Combination Strategy Selection 2 Input Parameter Modeling 3 Abstract Test Case Generation 4 Test Suite Eval. 5 Test Case Generation 6 Test Case Execution test suite inadequate 7 Test Result Eval.

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