Jaan Puhvel's Hittite Etymological Dictionary, Volume 6: Words Beginning PDF

By Jaan Puhvel

The Hittite Etymological Dictionary is a finished compendium of the vocabulary of Hittite, one of many nice languages of the traditional close to East, and of paramount value for comparative Indo-European studies.

Volume six of the dictionary offers with phrases starting with M.

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Sg. c. ma-a-la-an-ta-an (KBo XV 1 I 3 5 -3 6 [emended from dupl. -acc. sg. neut. ma-la-an (KUB XXII 70 Rs. ’; ibid. 62 mân-ma-za d i n g i r - l / m para tiyauwar malan harti ‘if thou god approvest the layout’ [Ünal, Orakeltext 94, 98; for the construct malan h a r(k)- see H ED 3:155]; KBo XXIV 118 I 6 m ala(n) harti; ibid. I 16 and II 15 malan harti), ma-la-a-an (e. g. KUB XXII 70 Vs. 50, Rs. 5, 47, 49 malän harti [Ünal, Orakeltext 70, 82, 94]; KBo XXII 264 I 14—16 nu-kan ... malän harti [full context HED 5:3]; similarly ibid.

Ma-ak-la-an-ta-an (K U B X III 4 IV 64 - 65 n-an arha adanzi pide-ssi-ma maklantan tarnanzi ‘they eat it up [viz. a fat animal] and leave in its place a lean one’ [Sturtevant, JA O S 54:396 (1934)], ma-ak-la-an-da-an (dupl. K U B X III 17 IV 25; K U B XIII 4 IV 75 pide-ssi-ma maklandan tarnummen', dupl. KUB XIII 17 IV 33 maklandan), nom. pl. c. ma-ak-la-an-te-es (KBo III 34 II 1 3 -1 4 kaqqapus marakta ... kaqqapis maklantes ‘he allotted partridges ... the partridges [were] lean’; similarly dupl.

2:32]; ibid. MES-za-te« ... malän, ibid. mes -zû ... malän ‘the gods [have] approve[d] [it]’, with suppressed harkanzi [cf. English ‘she done him wrong’]), ma-a-la-an (KBo X X III 118 118 mâlan hart[i\ KUB XXII 46, 2; KUB X X X III 120 III 35 [emended from dupl. ]); possible Luwoid participle malaimi-, seeming acc. sg. c. :ma-la-a-i-mi-in (KUB XL 80 Vs. 19, in inconclusive context); inf. ] to put me on the spot; let them not write [to suggest that] you summon me for rejection [or] endorsem ent’ [Hagenbuchner, Korrespondenz 2:69, 74; t a l z a is 2 sg.

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