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This ebook includes the papers and posters provided on the Eucarpia Fruit Breeding part assembly held at Wädenswil/Einsiedeln, Switzerland from August 30 to September three, 1993. It provides an outline of the newest traits in temperate fruit breeding in Europe and abroad. 3 topics have been thought of in distinct workshops: toughness of scab resistance in apple, biotechnology and molecular markers.

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There is also some suggestion that this specialization, like that for 46 3. Functional Asymmetry of the Human Brain language, is more pronounced for the production than for the perception of sequences. It is, of course, true that language, especially in its oral form, is fundamentally sequential, which suggests that the left-hemispheric specialization for language may have its origins in some more basic specialization for sequencing and fine temporal programming. This theme will be pursued at the end of this chapter and expanded in the remaining chapters of this book.

Peterson & Lansky, 1974). Ambilateral subjects seem to excel in acoustic memory for pitch and perhaps in other musical skills as well (Deutsch, 1978). Levy (1969) has proposed that the increased incidence of bilateral representation of language in left-handers may produce some impairment in nonverbal performance. She reported, in fact, that 10 left-handers among a group of 25 male graduate students scored significantly lower than their right-handed colleagues on the performance tests of the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS), but that the two groups scored equally well on the verbal tests.

It could be demonstrated, however, that the right hemisphere was capable of verbal comprehension. For instance, the patients could correctly point with the left hand to an object named by a word in the left visual field, a task that must be mediated by the right cerebral hemisphere. They could also pick out objects with the left hand on the basis of quite sophisticated comprehension. One patient, for instance, was asked to pick out with his left hand the one object among 15 that "makes things look bigger," and he correctly chose a magnifying glass (Nebes & Sperry, 1971).

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