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By Alvin K. Benson

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Biblio Bazaar, 2006. This autobiography covers Airy’s life from birth to 1871, with additions to the time of his death added by his son, Wilfrid Airy, who also wrote an excellent summary of the document. The text is a mix of descriptions of official documents and activities and a diary of more personal events in the author’s life. Gould, B. A. ” Astronomical Journal 11, no. 252 (1892): 96. A short announcement of Airy’s death and a well-spoken account of his achievements written by the editor of the journal.

310 Scotchgard (Patsy O’Connell Sherman) . . . 991 Scrapbook, self-pasting (Mark Twain) . . . 1111 Sea chronometers (John Harrison) . . . . . 499 Seed drill (Jethro Tull) . . . . . . . 1099 Segway PT (Dean Kamen) . . . . . . . 623 Seismograph (John Milne) . . . . . . . 795 xxxv Inventors and Inventions Tape recording, magnetic (Marvin Camras) . . 172 TCP/IP protocol (Vinton Gray Cerf). . . . 198 TCP/IP system (Bob Kahn) . . . . . . 621 Teflon (Roy J.

216 Telegraph, electric (Samuel F. B. Morse) . . . 810 Telegraph, electric (Charles Wheatstone). . . 1166 Telegraph, printing (David Edward Hughes) . . 569 Telegraph, synchronous multiplex railway (Granville T. Woods) . . . . . . . 1187 Telegraph, wireless (Guglielmo Marconi) . . . 759 Telegraph cable (Lord Kelvin) . . . . . . 638 Telegraphy, wireless (Karl Ferdinand Braun) . . 137 Telegraphy applications (Werner Siemens). . 1002 Telephone (Alexander Graham Bell) .

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