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By Sussman, Clement Markert

Isozymes, III: Developmental Biology includes manuscripts awarded on the 3rd foreign convention on isozymes convened in April 1974 at Yale college.
Separating sixty one manuscripts into chapters, this e-book starts off via discussing the components of ""isozymology"" that seem relatively promising for additional developmental research. this article additionally seems into the function of isozymes as genetic markers in early mammalian improvement, in addition to the mechanisms of intracellular enzyme localization. major subject matters on particular isozymes are given individually in different chapters.

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O Fig. 1. DEAE-Sephadex chromatography of RNA polymerases from MOPC 315 tumors. 20 0 40 The RNA polymerase 0activity in 10 10gm of tumor was solubilized 3and subjected to chromatography Fraction No. on a column (325 ml) of DEAE-Sephadex. 5 yg a-amanitin per ml U - A ) . All procedures were as described by Schwartz et al (1974b). ^? ^ 4000 - 3. I S O Z Y M E S : D E V E L O P M E N T A L I BIOLOGY 3E UE H E A B m o v Fig. 2. Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis of RNA polymerases in the presence of Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate.

The enzymes also show differential sensitivities to a-amanitin as shown in Fig. 3 by the dashed + + + + jjg a-amanitin/ml Fig. 3. Effect of a-amanitin concentration on purified RNA polymerases and on endogenous nuclear and nucleolar RNA syn­ thesis. Purified RNA polymerases I, II, and III from MOPC 315 cells were assayed with exogenous calf thymus DNA as template at varying concentrations of a-amanitin (dashed l i n e s ) • Total endogenous RNA synthesis was measured in isolated nucleoli (squares) and isolated nuclei (triangles) in the absence of exogenous templates.

J. Mol. Biol. 13: 540-553. Bullock, L. , and C. W. Bardin. 1974. Androgen receptors in mouse kidney: a study of m a l e , female and androgen-insensitive (tfm/y) m i c e . Endocrinology 9 4 : 746-756. , K. S. Narayan, and J. Hamilton. 1967. Isolation of nucleoli in a medium containing spermine and magnesium acetate. Exp. Cell Res. 4 7 : 329-336. , R. F. C o x , and C. J. Chesterton. 1971. Transcription of mammalian chromatin by mammalian DNAdependent RNA polymerase. Eur. J. Biochem. 23: 229-241.

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