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Isozymes, II: Physiological functionality comprises manuscripts awarded on the 3rd overseas convention on isozymes convened in April 1974 at Yale collage.
Separating fifty three manuscripts into chapters, this e-book first discusses the clinical makes use of of isozymes. It then describes many of the dehydrogenase isozymes mechanisms of motion and organic services. different common themes explored are the jobs of isozymes in version to various temperatures and their use within the learn of mitochondria. major issues on particular isozymes are given individually in different chapters.

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Under these conditions the LDH in the skeletal muscles actually 30 2. I S O Z Y M E S : P H Y S I O L O G I C A L F U N C T I O N STRIATED Glucose —• MUSCLE: • - Pyruvate — - Lactate ( A - t y p e L D H ) Transported via HEART MUSCLE. Citric Acid C y c l e ^ — Bloodstream Pyruvate^—^Lactate ( B - t y p e L D H ) DPNH DPN + x Ox. Phos. i ATP Fig. 1. Biological functions of the lactate isozymes. dehydrogenase serves as a pyruvate reductase, whereas the enzyme in the heart muscle operates as a lactate dehydrogenase.

We confirmed this observation for human LDH-1 (Vesell, 1 9 6 8 ) . Another question relating to the "aerobic-anaerobic" theory 18 2. 8 PYRUVATE (mM) Fig, 8. Effect of temperature on pyruvate inhibition of rabbit LDH-1. Reproduced by permission from Plagemann et al (1961). Note that at physiological temperature for the rabbit substrate inhibition is negligible compared to that observed at 6°C. is whether, under even the most anaerobic circumstances, con­ centrations of pyruvate sufficiently high to inhibit LDH-1 are ever attained in vivo.

Chen, and E . S . Vesell 1970b. Lactate dehy­ drogenase isozymes: further kinetic studies at high enzyme concentration. Science 169: 480-481. 28 MECHANISMS OF ACTION AND BIOLOGICAL FUNCTIONS OF VARIOUS DEHYDROGENASE ISOZYMES JOHANNES EVERSE and NATHAN O. KAPLAN Department of Chemistry University of California, San Diego La Jolla, California 92037 ABSTRACT: A short review is presented pertaining to the considerations that led us to propose the theory that the A-type lactate dehydrogenase is especially geared to serve as a pyruvate reductase in anaerobically metabol­ izing tissues, whereas B-type enzyme is better suited to serve as a lactate dehydrogenase in aerobically meta­ bolizing tissues.

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