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By Charlotte Brontë

This variation is written in English. notwithstanding, there's a working French glossary on the backside of every web page for the tougher English phrases highlighted within the textual content. there are numerous variants of Jane Eyre. This version will be invaluable if you'd like

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Frightened: effrayé, effrayâtes, effrayas, effrayâmes, effrayèrent, effrayai, effraya, redouté, redouta, redoutai, redoutâmes. invisible: invisible. kindness: amabilité, bonté, gentillesse, aménité. knee: genou, coude, le genou. locked: bloqué, fermé. punishment: punition, peine, châtiment, sanction. rocking: balancement, basculant. slipped: glissé. suffocating: étouffant, suffoquant. tremble: trembler, tremblent, tremblement. triumph: triomphe, triompher. twisting: torsion, torsadage. violently: violemment, de manière violente, de façon violente.

French blanched: blanchis, blanchîmes, blanchîtes, blanchit, blanchirent, blanchi. breeze: brise, souffle. brooding: élevage des poussins. congealed: congelé. fearless: intrépide, courageux. flakes: grès schisteux fissile, flocons. frock: robe. habituated: se `habitué, te `habituas, se `habituèrent, nous `habituâmes, me `habituai, se `habitua, vous `habituâtes. hoary: blanchi, chenu. indulge: être indulgent, gâter. lea: échevette. lightness: clarté, légèreté, leucie, luminosité. melting: fusion, fonte, palier de fusion, fondant, fondre.

Surging: effet de cavalement, ballottement, enflant, pistonnage, pompage, spumescence, modification de dimension. toy: jouet, joujou. undressed: déshabillé, déshabillas, déshabillâtes, déshabillai, déshabilla, déshabillèrent, déshabillâmes. witnessing: témoignant. ” When thus gentle, Bessie seemed to me the best, prettiest, kindest being in the world; and I wished most intensely that she would always be so pleasant and amiable, and never push me about, or scold, or task me unreasonably, as she was too often wont to do.

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