Jane Goodall: Primatologist Naturalist (Women in Science) by Lisa Kozleski PDF

By Lisa Kozleski

A biography of the zoologist, discussing her own existence in addition to her paintings with chimpanzees on the Gombe circulation Reserve in Tanzania.

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Life Before Africa: 1934 –1957 In her childhood, Goodall and other members of her family lived with Goodall’s maternal grandmother in a house called The Birches in Bournemouth, England, near the English Channel. One of her favorite companions there was Rusty, a dog who lived nearby; she learned much from him about animal behavior. documentaries. Her specific job involved choosing the music for films, and she learned how to edit, make sound tracks, mix and other aspects of filmmaking. At this time, she lived in her father’s apartment in London; for, apparently, Goodall’s parents remained good friends after their divorce.

87) Goodall admits that she sometimes looks back on this time with a bit of regret. It was not that she didn’t love her son or 63 64 JANE GOODALL enjoy being a mother. It was more selfish than that, she writes: the regret came from knowing that she could never have collected on her own even a small portion of all the interesting information the students and staff were collecting in the field during this time. Trying to juggle career and motherhood was not easy, but in the end Goodall settled into a routine.

She arrived on her 23rd birthday, April 3, 1957. There, she was met by Clo Mange, Clo’s father, Roland, and another friend. As the group traveled to the Mange 32 Goodall has established a rapport with her chimpanzees over the years. The most important thing in her early research was not to be seen as an intruder — not to disturb the chimps’ natural patterns of life. It took some time for her to find that equilibrium. farm, where Goodall was to stay for three weeks, Goodall caught her first glimpse of a giraffe up close.

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