Learn to Read Biblical Hebrew by Jeff A. Benner PDF

By Jeff A. Benner

An individual drawn to studying to learn the Hebrew Bible in its unique language will locate in the pages of this ebook all of the assets had to commence this excellent trip. The publication is specified by 4 components. the 1st half teaches the Hebrew alphabet via a chain of classes. the second one half teaches note and sentence constitution of the Hebrew language by means of breaking down each one Hebrew observe in Genesis bankruptcy one, verses one via 5. The Hebrew textual content of Genesis bankruptcy one is supplied for studying and comprehension practices partly 3. The fourth a part of the ebook comprises charts and dictionaries of prefixes, suffixes, phrases and roots of the Hebrew language to help the reader with vocabulary definitions and comprehension. inside a brief period of time the Hebrew pupil will quickly be examining the Bible during the eyes of the writer instead of the critiques of a translator.

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Each verb identifies person (first, second or third), gender (masculine or feminine), number (singular or plural) and tense (perfect or imperfect). " The construction of the verb identifies the subject of the verb as third person, masculine, singular and perfect tense. (For the various prefixes and suffixes added to the verb to identify person, gender, number and tense, see the verb charts in Part 3) Perfect tense is completed action and is similar to our past tense. Imperfect tense is incomplete action and is similar to our present or future tense.

The imperfect tense is incomplete action (action that has started but not finished or action that has not started) and is similar to our present and future tense. Each verb will also identify the person, gender and number of the subject of the verb. The person is expressed as first, second or third person, the gender will be either masculine or feminine and the number will be singular or plural. Using the Hebrew root word rmX (to guard), the letter a is prefixed to form the verb rmXa. " When the conjuction w (meaning "and") is prefixed to a verb, the tense is reversed.

Vie-yeeq-rah eh-low-heem lie-yah-bah-shah eh-rehts uwl-meeq-vey hah-mah-yeem qah-rah yahmmeem vie-yahr eh-low-heem kee towv 11. vie-yow-mehr eh-low-heem tahd-shey hah-ah-rehts deh-sheh ey-sehv mahz-ree-ah zeh-rah eyts peh-ree ow-seh peh-ree leh-meenow ah-shehr zahr-ow vow ahl hah-ah-rets vie-hee kheyn 12. vah-tow-tsey hah-ah-rehts deh-sheh ey-sehv mahz-reeah zeh-rah leh-mee-ney-huw veh-eyts ow-seh peh-ree ahshehr zahr-ow vow leh-mee-ney-huw vie-yahr eh-lowheem kee tow 13. vie-hee eh-rehv vie-hee vow-qehr yowm sheh-lee-shee 14.

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