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The Doctor pointed to a nearby chaise longue and Bernice sat herself down. ' The Doctor shook his head. `No, just a computer controlled refractive molecular arranger. Touch it and you'll find it solid. ' He looked across at it. `Open,' he called softly. Sure enough, the space shimmered into existence and they could see the corridor outside. `Close,' he said and it vanished. He turned back to Bernice. ' `So, Doctor,' said Bernice, nodding her head at the wall where the door wasn't any more. `So that's a Martian is it?

Suddenly she thought that she was probably scaring the boy. Poor sod, thinks he's in a room with a madwoman. Still, it wasn't her fault that the Doctor hadn't told her exactly what century they were in. 'Well, I'd like to visit them sometime. ' 'You'll be very bored. The place is just full of stupid people from the stupid Braxiatel Collection with stupid trowels taking three days to uncover half a stupid metre. A drilltech would be far quicker. ' 'You heathen! ' Benny was suddenly furious. Furious with this boy for his dismissive attitude towards the Horun ruins; furious with the Doctor for not telling her what century they were in and furious with herself for not being there.

It's just that we travel so much, neither the Doctor nor I have had time to - ' The boy had already turned away, presumably bored of her explanation. 'Oh well,' she thought and sipped the drink. Instantly she began coughing. The boy looked immediately amused. 'My apologies, Professor Summerfield,' he said without any trace of regret in his voice. ' Bernice shook her head, and tried to speak. Her voice came out as no more than a pained whisper. `It . . it's no problem. ' She cleared her throat and took another sip.

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