Download e-book for iPad: Lethal Arrhythmias Resulting from Myocardial Ischemia and by W. J. Lederer, J. R. Berlin, N. M. Cohen, C. G. Nichols, G.

By W. J. Lederer, J. R. Berlin, N. M. Cohen, C. G. Nichols, G. L. Smith, M. B. Cannell (auth.), Michael R. Rosen M.D., Yoram Palti M.D., Ph.D. (eds.)

`This e-book will give you the heart specialist worthwhile info at the a variety of mechanisms of deadly arrhythmias bobbing up from myocardial ischemia and infarction.'
Acta Cardiologica, Vol. XLIV, 1989, p. 439

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Chang and Cohen [18] investigated the origin of this Na+ load through the Ca2 + channel in more detail. 1 mM virtually eliminated the postdrive current. This was not due to an alteration in the Na/K pump time constant since repetitive activation of TTX sensitive Na+ current resulted in an unaltered postdrive pump current when the [Ca 2 +] was similarly reduced. This suggests that Ca2 + entry is necessary to generate the postdrive current. One possible mechanism by which calcium entry could raise [Na+]i is via Na/Ca exchange.

J. Physiol. 400:21P. 9. T. 1987. Cytosolic calcium transients from the bearing mammalian heart. Proe. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 84:7793-7797. 10. K. 1984. Aequorin measurements of free calcium in single heart cells. Nature 312:444-446. 11. , and Orchard, CH. 1983. The effect of hypoxia and metabolic inhibition on intracellular calcium in mammalian heart muscle. J. Physiol. 339:102-122. 12. J: 1987. Role of changes in [Ca++li in energy deprivation contracture. Circ. Res. 61:726-734. 13. E. 1987. Elevation in cytosolic free calcium concentration early in myocardial ischemia in perfused rat heart.

In this case, each transient will decay fully to the baseline, so that the end-diastolic [Ca++]i is equivalent to the 18 1. 0 FSSO o 1 sec 2 3 Figure 2-1. [Ca++)i-dependent fluorescence transients in a rabbit heart loaded with indo-I. Each beat produces a phasic fluorescence increase at 400 nm (top trace) and a fluorescence decrease at 550 nm (bottom trace). The middle trace shows the fluorescence ratio (F400/Fsso), which is calculated by an analog circuit and is known to be a monotonic function of [Ca++);.

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