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By Bruce D Clayton

This precise handbook indicates you the way to outlive a nuclear nightmare through supplying an exhaustive research of survival techniques and of the issues that might face those that live to tell the tale. the writer outlines step by step strategies for getting ready and protecting shelters, storing nutrients, treating health problems and accidents and figuring out the psychology of survival. With its dozens of important charts, lists, drawings and images, this publication additionally serves as a very good reference on surviving any significant catastrophe.

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Where do you draw the line? That's up to you. Predicting Nuclear Danger Areas and Fallout Patterns In Appendix A you will find a map and a list describing over 1,500 nuclear attack high-risk areas defined by the Defense Civil Preparedness Agency (and which I have updated). " Areas subject to extremely high fallout are also indicated. 39 TO FLEE OR NOT TO FLEE You should check to see if your home or potential retreat location appears on this list. You may be surprised to discover that many nuclear targets are located in remote corners of National Forests, etc.

This is close enough to the natural background level to be unnoticeable. There may be some damage to wildlife in arctic and alpine ecosystems, where lichens and mosses are the chief form of plant food, because these plants tend to concentrate fallout. This biological magnification will increase the internal dosage of radiation received by herbivores such as caribou. The UV light increase is likely to be a more serious danger to wildlife species than radiation. Many animal species are dependent upon particular plants which may die out under high UV exposure.

How many weapons would we have to detonate to increase the longterm fallout exposure level for Australia up to an average of 1,000 rem per week? The answer, rounded off a little, is 500,000 times the number of weapons which the NAS thought would be enough for a full scale war. Even with the insane competitiveness of the arms race, I suspect that it will be a while before we can match every available weapon with half a million others just like it. What effect will a 10-rem exposure over thirty years have on the northern hemisphere survivors?

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