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By Byron W Dalrymple

CONTENTS bankruptcy i. THE BOY through THE BROOK i bankruptcy 2. OUR FRESHWATER historical past 15 bankruptcy three . gentle take on Lures, Rods and Reels, traces and Leaders, concerns 35 bankruptcy four . by means of the other identify seventy eight bankruptcy five . previous REDEYE 103 bankruptcy 6. MR. FAN-FINS 124 bankruptcy 7. outdated SOLS NAMESAKES the fantastic Mr. Blue The Punkinseed, a number of and Sunny a hundred forty five bankruptcy eight. THE EATINEST FISH 189 bankruptcy nine. previous BLEARY aij bankruptcy 10. A DASHOFSALT The White Bass, The Yellow Bass, The White Perch 237 Owpfer ii. clean WATER WILDCATS 258 bankruptcy I2. BULLDOGS WITH BEARDS 283 C ri three . ORPHANS OF THE wearing perspective 308 bankruptcy clean WATER seize BAG 327 bankruptcy i five . EA. D desires AND DRAGONS 346 Chapteri6. MIDGET division 364 bankruptcy 17. SLANTS AND ANGLES 372 bankruptcy 18. THERELL BE DAYS LIKE THAT 384 INDEX 391 LIGHT-TACKLE FISHING

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Its useful attitudes we may if CHAPTER ight Tackle LURES ONCE WAS rowing slowly around a favorite Pike lake of mine, named romantically enough, Powderhorn Lake, when I happened to see, far across on the opposite side, a struggle of I some kind taking place. You could hear staccato, high-pitched Two people were in a boat over there, one rowing franthen just as frantically backing water with tically for a moment, the oars. The other was apparently fast to a fish of unusual proshouts. portions. Curious as I was, I determined not to show it.

Worm on Presently they began feeding a long-shanked hook and went after them, still-fishing. Presently I had a bite. I missed. Another nibble. I connected. fish was much too small, but had managed to get the hook The LIGHT TACKLE far to back in his gill. There, no doubt, was no one. This, now, begins to sound against live bait. It fishing my worm What 43 a dead fish, of use like an argument however, nothing of the kind. is, I was simply wrong. did I do> Trout selected a small I my leader, and put a split shot above Then it.

By the time the fish was hooked, it had that long-shanked hook far not nibble at a dry fly. down its gullet. Those same fish could As it floated over them, they had either it. And thus did my spinner and worm, to snap it up, or reject on that particular day and in that particular manner, servation a great disservice. Now do con- what happened that afternoon with the Bluegills. They were surface feeding. I began with a dry fly, and took a harm mixture of sizes. All were hooked, as usual, in the lip.

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