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By Nils Langer, Winifred Davies

This quantity offers with linguistic purism in its many realizations. specifically, the articles examine the connection of purism to ancient prescriptivism (e. g. the impression of grammarians within the seventeenth and 18th centuries), to nationhood (e. g. the instrumentalising of purism within the standardisation of Afrikaans or Luxembourgish), to fashionable society (e. g. the lifestyles of puristic trends in desktop chatrooms), to people linguistics (e. g. lay perceptions of other different types of English), and to educational linguistics (e. g. the presence of puristic notions within the historiography of German or English).

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If these terms are unfamiliar to you, don't fret. ) • If music is your thing, you'll have a head start with German musical terms such as die Lieder and das Leitmotif that pop up in music from Mozart to Madonna. • If you're learning German primarily to be able to read German, you may only want to focus on the cognate section of this book, or on the noun and verb sections. You may never speak a word out loud, so the pronunciation of words may be a waste of your time. If you understand what you need from the German language, you easily can tailor this book to your needs.

Make tapes of yourself speaking German and then play these tapes to a native German speaker. Locate your linguistic strengths and weaknesses. • Make German friends. • Read everything you can get your hands on. Children's books are a good place to start (Janosh, for example, is an author of simple and entertaining German children's books). Read the Brother's Grimm (die Gebrüder Grimm) side by side with the translation. Whenever you buy a new product, look for and read the German instructions on the side of the packet or in the instruction booklet.

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