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Please report any problems you have to me. 3. You must be using iptables. You must have libipq installed to compile. 2 updated to improve stability. See README for more details. 2007 Michel Bisson Full implementation of TOS modifications I have left a few sections commented out, as im not sure if I need them. ${IPTABLES} ­t mangle ­A PREROUTING ­p tcp ­­dport 23 ­j TOS ­­set­tos Minimize­Delay ${IPTABLES} ­t mangle ­A PREROUTING ­p tcp ­­sport 23 ­j TOS ­­set­tos Minimize­Delay ${IPTABLES} ­t mangle ­A PREROUTING ­p tcp ­­dport 22 ­j TOS ­­set­tos Minimize­Delay ${IPTABLES} ­t mangle ­A PREROUTING ­p tcp ­­sport 22 ­j TOS ­­set­tos Minimize­Delay ${IPTABLES} ­t mangle ­A PREROUTING ­p tcp ­­dport 20 ­j TOS ­­set­tos \ Maximize­Throughput ${IPTABLES} ­t mangle ­A PREROUTING ­p tcp ­­sport 20 ­j TOS ­­set­tos \ Maximize­Throughput ${IPTABLES} ­t mangle ­A PREROUTING ­p tcp ­­dport 21 ­j TOS ­­set­tos Minimize­Delay ${IPTABLES} ­t mangle ­A PREROUTING ­p udp ­­dport 53 ­j TOS ­­set­tos Minimize­Delay ${IPTABLES} ­t mangle ­A PREROUTING ­p tcp ­­dport 53 ­j TOS ­­set­tos Minimize­Delay ${IPTABLES} ­t mangle ­A PREROUTING ­p tcp ­­dport 25 ­j TOS ­­set­tos Minimize­Cost ${IPTABLES} ­t mangle ­A PREROUTING ­p tcp ­­dport 110 ­j TOS ­­set­tos Normal­Service ${IPTABLES} ­t mangle ­A PREROUTING ­p icmp ­j TOS ­­set­tos Minimize­Delay ${IPTABLES} ­t mangle ­A PREROUTING ­p tcp ­­dport 5190 ­j TOS ­­set­tos Minimize­Delay ${IPTABLES} ­t mangle ­A PREROUTING ­p tcp ­­dport 4000 ­j TOS ­­set­tos Minimize­Delay ${IPTABLES} ­t mangle ­A PREROUTING ­p udp ­­dport 4000 ­j TOS ­­set­tos Minimize­Delay ${IPTABLES} ­t mangle ­A PREROUTING ­p tcp ­­dport 6666:6667 ­j TOS \ ­­set­tos Minimize­Delay ${IPTABLES} ­t mangle ­A PREROUTING ­p tcp ­­dport 1214 ­j TOS ­­set­tos Minimize­Cost ${IPTABLES} ­t mangle ­A PREROUTING ­p tcp ­­dport 6699 ­j TOS ­­set­tos Minimize­Cost ${IPTABLES} ­t mangle ­A PREROUTING ­p tcp ­­dport 6700 ­j TOS ­­set­tos Minimize­Cost ${IPTABLES} ­t mangle ­A PREROUTING ­p tcp ­­dport 1412 ­j TOS \ ­­set­tos Maximize­Throughput ${IPTABLES} ­t mangle ­A PREROUTING ­p tcp ­­sport 1412 ­j TOS \ ­­set­tos Maximize­Throughput ${IPTABLES} ­t mangle ­A PREROUTING ­p udp ­­dport 4000:7000 ­j TOS \ ­­set­tos Minimize­Delay ${IPTABLES} ­t mangle ­A PREROUTING ­p tcp ­­sport 80 ­j TOS ­­set­tos Minimize­Cost ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ I have also put together a simple but quite effective QOS script which you may want to put into your /etc/ppp/ip-up script This script was put together from a number of other scripts I found on the internet.

Com/whatever/suspect Note: The removed parts above are ignored by squidGuard in URL matching. 2007 • Michel Bisson Expressionlists The expressionlist file format is lines with regular expressions as described in regex(5). Of most interest is: . "). Matches one of the characters ("[abc]" matches a single "a" or "b" or "c"). Matches one of the characters in the range ("[c­g]" matches a single "c" or "d" or "e" or "f" or "g". "[a­z0­9]" matches any single letter or digit. ). " will match "word" and "words".

Set up Postfix on the laptop to use localhost and a high port as its relayhost, then tunnel that high port to port 25 on your mail server. html. ----------------------------------------------------------------The problem: you have a laptop and you're not always connected to the Internet. Still you want to sent mail even when you're offline. You cannot use just any mail server out there, 'cause a lot of them don't relay. So you must use your own mail server. You'll need: postfix openSSH only used for queuing and forwarding the mail for setting up a tunnel OpenSSH config You will need to create a ssh tunnel to your mail server.

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