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By Avraam I. Isayev, Thein Kyu, Stephen Z.D. Cheng

content material: Self-reinforced composites concerning liquid-crystalline polymers : assessment of improvement and functions / Avraam I. Isayev --
Molecular composites of liquid-crystalline polyamides and amorphous polyimides : synthesis, rheological houses, and processing / Ken-Yuan Chang and Yu-Der Lee --
Miscibility, constitution, and estate of poly(biphenyl dianhydride perfluoromethylbenzidine)-poly(ether imide) molecular composites / Thein Kyu, J.-C. Yang, C. Shen, M. Mustafa, C.J. Lee, F.W. Harris, and Stephen Z.D. Cheng --
Molecular composites through ionic interactions and their deformation-fracture homes / G. Parker, W. Chen, L. Tsou, and M. Hara --
Compatibilization of thermotropic liquid-crystalline polymers with polycarbonate through transesterification through in situ reactive mixing / M.J. Stachowski and A.T. DiBenedetto --
improvement of in situ bolstered polypropylene fibers to be used in formable woven preforms / C.G. Robertson, J.P. de Souza, and D.G. Baird --
Fiber drawing from blends of polypropylene and liquid-crystalline polymers / Y. Qin, M.M. Miller, D.L. Brydon, J.M.G. Cowie, R.R. Mather, and R.H. Wardman --
Fibers of blends with liquid-crystalline polymers : spinnability and mechanical houses / F.P. los angeles Mantia, A. Roggero, U. Pedretti, and P.L. Magagnini --
Processing and actual homes of ternary in situ composites / Byoung Chul Kim, Seung Sang Hwang, quickly guy Hong, and Yongsok web optimization --
Blends of poly(amide imides) and liquid-crystalline polymers / Avraam I. Isayev and T.R. Varma --
fabrics for polymer-stabilized liquid crystals / L.-C. Chien, M.N. Boyden, A.J. Walz, and C.M. Citano --
Enhancement in reaction pace of bistable switching for composites of liquid-crystalline polymers and low-molecular-weight liquid crystals / Tisato Kajiyama, Hirokazu Yamane, Hirotsugu Kikuchi, and Jenn Chiu Hwang --
Thermal-induced section separation in a mix of sensible poly(methyl methacrylate) and low-molar-mass liquid crystals / Thein Kyu, I. Ilies, C. Shen, and Z.L. Zhou --
Polymer-dispersed liquid crystals : compositional dependence of constitution and morphology / Andrew J. Lovinger, Karl R. Amundson, and D.D. Davis --
the variation among liquid crystals and conformationally disordered crystals / Bernhard Wunderlich and Wei Chen --
Orientation and molecular movement in an fragrant copolyester studied via proton NMR spectroscopy / P.G. Klein, B.W. Evans, and I.M. Ward --
Temperature evolution of the constitution of liquid-crystalline main-chain copolyesters / E.M. Antipov, S.D. Artamonova, I.A. Volegova, Yu. okay. Godovksy, M. Stamm, and E.W. Fischer --
New iteration of mesophases : hydrogen bonds and microphase separation within the formation of liquid-crystal constitution in nonmesogenic species / R.V. Talroze, S.A. Kuptsov, T.I. Sycheva, G.A. Shandryuk, and N.A. Platé --
Hybrid liquid-crystalline block copolymers / M. Laus, M.C. Bignozzi, A.S. Angeloni, G. Galli, E. Chiellini, and O. Francescangeli --
Synthesis and chain pressure of mesogen-jacketed liquid-crystalline polymers in accordance with poly(2,5-disubstituted-styrene) / Qi-Feng Zhou, Xin-Hua Wan, Dong Zhang, and Xin-De Feng --
identity of hugely ordered smectic levels in a chain of main-chain liquid-crystalline polyethers / Yeocheol Yoon, Rong-Ming Ho, Edward P. Savitski, F. Li, Stephen Z.D. Cheng, Virgil Percec, and Peihwei Chu --
Ordered liquid-crystalline thermosets / B.A. Rozenberg and L.L. Gur'eva --
position of curing agent at the nature of the mesophase and the homes of mesogenic epoxy resins / E. Amendola, C. Carfagna, and M. Giamberini.

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This polyimide could be dissolved not only in polar solvents like l-methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMP) and Ν,Ν-dimethylacetamide (DMAc), but also in common organic solvents such as tetrahydrofuran (THF), chloroform, and acetone. , 16-19 wt% in NMP-4%LiCl, than Col series (13-14 wt% in NMP-4%LiCl). Table I lists the compositions, inherent viscosities, and molecular weights of the copolymers which could be processed into fibers. Table I. 20 a "Col" refers to PBTA/PI block copolymers composed of PBTA and PI(BTDA/TMPD), "30" is the weightfractionof PBTA in feed.

This new class of high performance structural polymers has outstanding strength and modulus, as well as excellent thermal and environmental stability. In addition, the motivation behind developing such materials is based on the improvement in impact and fracture toughness, as well as dimensional stability over those of conventional composites, which are limited by the interfacial adhesion or bonding problems arising in the reinforcing solidfibersand the resin matrix. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1996.

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