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By Tony M. Kail

A lady lays subconscious at the flooring surrounded via charcoaled symbols, burning candles, a bowl of viscous pink liquid, and an array of dried herbs. was once this a therapeutic ritual long gone unsuitable or simply hassle-free foul play? more and more, first responders needs to care for international practices and cultures which are usually stressful of their unfamiliarity. figuring out cultural diversifications and nuances could make the variation among much-needed emergency remedy and the aggravation of an already delicate scenario. the 1st publication of its variety, Magico-Religious teams and Ritualistic actions: A consultant for First Responders offers a cultural bridge for emergency team of workers while interacting with a variety of magico-religious cultures. greater than only a litany of artifacts, rituals, and logos, this worthwhile publication attracts from cultural anthropology and spiritual reports to unearth hidden meanings and position the knowledge in a context suitable for the 1st responder. It bargains the most important keys for bettering verbal exchange, evaluate, and therapy in culturally delicate events. starting with an creation to the significance of trans-cultural communique, the ebook devotes next chapters to the typical and contrasting parts of numerous magico-religious teams. It considers the practices of Neo-Paganism, Santeria, Bantu faith (Palo Mayombe), Voodoo, and Curanderismo. The booklet separates truth from myth concerning sacred areas and dates, ceremonies, staff constitution, sacred items, cultural taboos, and ideology approximately illness and therapeutic. it's also a close evaluation of the typical herbs utilized in therapeutic and formality, in addition to a word list of cultural phrases and an index of symbols. selling sensible cultural competency, this ebook supplies public carrier firms and emergency responders the instruments to correctly check events, open traces of verbal exchange, shield cultural range and ideology and, mainly, supply potent emergency remedy.

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Many of them correspond with changes of the seasons. Traditionally, there are eight Sabbats celebrated by Wiccans. The greater Sabbats are Imbolc, Beltane, Lughnassad, and Samhain. The lesser Sabbats are the summer and winter solstices, and the autumnal and spring equinoxes. These holidays are usually pictured as a wheel. The wheel contains the seasons and turns as time passes. Each Sabbat has a specific ritual and symbolic meaning regarding the life and death of the gods. Samhain Samhain is celebrated October 31st.

Yellow auras characterize optimism or good health. • Green auras indicate sympathy or denote someone with healing abilities. indb 29 1/30/08 5:19:31 PM 30 Magico-Religious Groups and Ritualistic Activities • Blue auras signify calmness, but also indicate moodiness or depression. • Black auras signify no conscience or may denote a sociopath. • White auras characterize purity and truth. Some believe the aura is the first area that is attacked when sickness attacks the body. Sickness may be the result of loss or imbalance in the aura.

Traditional leadership in the coven is led by the High Priestess (HPS). The title of High Priestess is bestowed on the female who reaches a predetermined level of experience and initiation in the Craft. 2). The High Priestess serves as the leader of the coven activities and rituals. She serves as counsel and guide to her initiates. Many members of this clergy wear necklaces made from amber or jet stones. indb 19 1/30/08 5:19:28 PM 20 Magico-Religious Groups and Ritualistic Activities recognize the High Priestess by a custom garter that she may wear or keep in her home.

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