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By Professor Dr. med. Günther Hierholzer, Professor Dr. med. Thomas Rüedi, Professor Dr. med. Martin Allgöwer, Joseph Schatzker M.D. F.R.C.S. (C) (auth.)

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T Fig. 33 60 Construction of a Unilateral Single-plane Fixator (Type I) on the Femur Using Two Parallel Unilateral Tubes Make a stab incision on the lateral side of the thigh and insert the trocar with its corresponding drill sleeve down to the femur, the drill sleeve acting as a tissue protector. 5-mm hole is drilled through the femur and the first Schanz screw is inserted. The second Schanz screw is introduced into the distal main fragment, as parallel as possible to the first. However, before the hole for the second Schanz screw is drilled, rotation should be checked and any poor alignment of the femur corrected.

Using the solid cortex of the anterior tibial crest is becoming more and more popular, as it offers the best "tension-band arrangement" and allows the tube to be very close to the bone. Axial and rotational alignment should be obtained first. 5-mm hole is made, using a drill guide to protect the soft tissues. Care should be taken to place the screw within the sector of safe pin insertion (avoiding the muscular compartment) by means of the hand chuck, in a location where it will interfere as little as possible with debridement and secondary procedures (Fig.

29b adjustable clamps on the other side of the bone. At a suitable distance from the first Steinmann pin and sufficently removed from either the fracture or the focus of infection place the third and fourth stab incisions anterior to the fibula. The aiming device is then hooked into the lateral as well as the medial adjustable clamp, and the drill sleeve with trocar is pushed through the aiming device until it makes contact with the lateral cortex of the tibia (Fig. 29i). In order to guarantee the position tighten both adjustable clamps slightly; remove the trocar and proceed to drill the holes as already described.

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