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By Bruce Donaldson

How frequently have you ever seemed up an English be aware in a German dictionary simply to be faced by means of a bewildering array of German equivalents? that is the right kind be aware for the context in query? Thirty years' event in instructing Germanic languages at tertiary point to English-speaking scholars have made the writer aware of this challenge. studying German Vocabulary explains the way to use over 2,200 universal German phrases safely, utilizing instance sentences in German with English translations.In order to assist quickly session, all German and English phrases are indexed in separate indexes. The publication is designed for all top secondary and tertiary scholars of German and enhances Routledge's grammar, dictionary and vocabulary development textbooks. it's a sensible spouse for a person enthusiastic about perfecting their German.

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G. der Plattenbau, plural Plattenbauten, the large, characterless residential blocks so typical of eastern Germany. g. Dieses Gebäude stammt aus dem siebzehnten Jahrhundert ‘This building dates from the seventeenth century’. Many Germans do not live in free-standing houses (Einfamilienhäuser) but in terrace houses (Reihenhäuser) or apartments (Wohnungen) or perhaps in edifices with two houses under one roof (Zweifamilienhäuser). g. Wie viele Wohnungen gibt es in diesem Haus? ’, Er wohnt im zweiten Haus von der Ecke ‘He lives in the second building from the corner’, where this building might be a block of flats, and not a house in the English sense.

Geh mal kontollieren, ob… ‘Go and check whether…’. You will also hear checken being used in this sense. e. g. Diese Klausuren muss ich noch nachsehen ‘I am yet to check/mark these papers’ (see TO CORRECT). ‘To check in’ for a flight is einchecken. the chemist die Apotheke, der Apotheker, der Chemiker, die Drogerie, der Drogist The person who has studied pharmacy and runs a chemist’s shop is der Apotheker. The shop is called die Apotheke. t. g. Ich hab’s beim Apotheker/in der Apotheke gekauft (see SHOP).

T. g. Sie wagt sich nicht in den Wald ‘She doesn’t dare go into the forest’. In the earthquake example above sich wagen might well be more appropriate than sich trauen, depending on the circumstances. the date, appointment das Datum, der Termin, die Verabredung/ verabredet sein, der Wievielte A ‘date’ in the sense of an ‘appointment’, particularly with a doctor or dentist etc. g. Kann ich bitte einen Termin mit dem Arzt für Montag 42 MASTERING GERMAN VOCABULARY machen? ’ (see DIARY). t. g. Ich kann leider nicht kommen, denn ich habe schon eine Verabredung/denn ich bin schon verabredet ‘Unfortunately I can’t come as I already have a date’.

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