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Center-screw drive systems also offer closed-loop servo control, but use a low-speed, hightorque motor coupled directly to a ball screw. This direct-drive approach results in maximum control response and increased system sensitivity. Angular velocity is employed in an inner control loop while a linear variable differential transducer is used for displacement feedback in the outer control loop. Control ofload and strain are accomplished in a similar inner-loop/outer-loop setup. The inherent characteristics of the stable electro-mechanical actuator, combined with the high alignment and precision ofthe center-screw design, provide an excellent combination for creep testing ofceramic or brittle materials.

As a result of the relative difference in their velocities, polarized rays vibrating in planes of principal stresses 8 1 and 8 2 will emerge with a relative phase shift and produce color interference fringes or multicolored bands. After crossing a thickness, t, the relative retardation, R, between two polarized rays becomes Measuring the retardation R thus allows for the measurement of the birefringence at any desired location, so that QUALITATIVE EVALUATION The most basic way to look at stresses in clear plastics is to place a sample ofthe material between two illuminated polarized sheets.

Measuring Residual Stress in Transparent Plastics Alex S. Redner and Barbara R. Hoffman Strainoptic Technologies, North Wales, PA, USA ABSTRACT Residual stresses and molecular orientation throughout a product provide important information about how that product will perform. The presence or absence of residual stresses is a major concern in the production ofplastics for applications such as medical devices and packaging, instrument manufacturing, optical components, and others. Residual stresses are introduced by nearly all techniques used for polymer manufactnring.

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