Meditation on the Peaks – Mountain Climbing as a Metaphor by Julius Evola PDF

By Julius Evola

Evola articulates the shut dating among the actual rigors of hiking and the ascent of the start up towards self-transcendence.
Julius Evola, a number one exponent of esoteric idea, used to be additionally an ardent mountain climber who individually scaled the peaks of the Tyrols, Alps, and Dolomites. For Evola the actual conquest of a mountain, with the entire braveness, self-transcendence and psychological lucidity that it includes, turns into an inseparable and complementary a part of non secular awakening. it's no twist of fate that many historical cultures selected mountains because the abodes in their gods and regarded the rigorous ascent of peaks because the activity of heroes and initiates. nowa days, which are inclined to suffocate the heroic with bare self curiosity, the mountain nonetheless kinds a part of the profound size of spirit the place the soul reveals inside itself greater than what it idea itself to be. In Meditations at the Peaks, Evola combines memories of his personal studies with reflections on different inspirational women and men who shared his view of the transcendent greatness of mountains.

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