New PDF release: Memoirs Of The Court Of Marie Antoinette, Queen Of France,

By Jeanne Louise Henriette Campan

Being the historical Memoirs of Madam Campan, First woman in ready to the Queen.

In one of many earliest memoirs of the younger Queen of France, Jeanne Louise Henriette Campan—Marie Antoinette’s First Lady-in-Waiting and one in every of her closest and so much devoted attendants—paints a dramatic portrait of the queen’s own and political dating with King Louis XVI of France. First released in volumes in 1823, this memoir is gifted opposed to the backdrop of the French court docket because it weakens within the insanity of an approaching revolution. In tricky element, Campan passionately defends Marie Antoinette’s satisfaction and honor within the face of hateful propaganda opposed to her—propaganda that has persevered to hang-out her even to this present day.

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