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This version is written in English. even if, there's a working German glossary on the backside of every web page for the tougher English phrases highlighted within the textual content. there are numerous variations of Metamorphosis. This variation will be invaluable for those who might l

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Because of his injuries, Gregor had lost much of his mobility - probably permanently. He had been reduced to the condition of an ancient invalid and it took him long, long minutes to crawl across his room - crawling over the ceiling was out of the question - but this deterioration in his condition was fully (in his opinion) made up for by the door to the living room being left open every evening. He got into the habit of closely watching it for one or two hours before it was opened and then, lying in the darkness of his room where he could not be seen from the living room, he could watch the family in the light of the dinner table and listen to their conversation - with everyone's permission, in a way, and thus quite differently from before.

Motionless: bewegungslos, regungslos, reglos, still. ordeal: Feuerprobe, Prüfung, Heimsuchung. precaution: Vorsorge, Vorkehrung, Sicherheitsmassnahme, Vorsicht, Sorge. pretend: vorgeben, geben vor, gibst vor, gebe vor, gebt vor, gib vor, vortäuschen, täuschen vor, täuscht vor, täuschst vor, täusche vor. protruded: hervorgestanden, standen hervor, standet hervor, standst hervor, streckte heraus, stand hervor. shivering: schaudernd. stranger: Fremder, Fremdling, Fremde. tidied: räumte auf, aufgeräumt.

He would rather jump at Grete's face. " German albeit: obgleich, wenngleich, obschon, obwohl, wiewohl. calm: ruhig, beruhigen, still, gelassen, Flaute, sanft, windstill, Stille, lindern, gemütlich, zugänglich. catching: fangend, erwischend, ertappend, fassend, nehmend, auffangend, ansteckend, infektiös. chase: jagen, verfolgen, Verfolgung, nachgehen, treiben, fahnden, folgen, nachzusetzen, hetzen, nachjagen, hochtreiben. copious: reichlich. denuded: entblößt, entblößtet, entblößtest, entblößten, entblösste.

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