Richard Gowlland's My Dearest Birdie: Letters to Australia 1874 to 1886 PDF

By Richard Gowlland

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Poor Jessie has a bad cold and I am not to kiss her because I shall catch it !!! I spend two or three hours there every evening and we generally contrive to be alone. I am afraid we often say the same things over and over again! The more I think of it the less I see my way to be married next year. I am afraid it will be 1876 – a long time to look forward to – but I don’t think we ought to run the risk of being abjectly poor as we might be – and then there is the old question of the Furniture. Goodbye my dearest- this must be the longest letter I ever wrote in all my life I sh’d think!

It seems to me to be an opening up of quite a new world of hopes and feelings. I never before knew the happy appearance and the joyfulness which the world can present. One seems to love everyone more and I know certainly my darling I love you more and I know that you will sympathise with me in these new relations more heartily than anyone else can because of the great love we have always had for one another. You may rely upon it, my darling, that I can have made no mistake in my choice. Genevieve Lord M John Ewing Gowlland, the belle of Sydney Maude Gowlland, daughter of Jack and Genevieve Jack John Ewing Gowlland 1874 33 Jessie sends you her love and all manner of kind things.

I have lately read Commander Maude’s book British Columbia. Jack’s name is mentioned in it twice. It is a record of the 4 years Commission of the Hecate. Anyone writing Jack’s life w’d get a good idea of that part of it from the description in the book. 54 1874 25 Nov. Your dear little letter dated 2nd. Oct. reached me yesterday. It is a great pleasure to hear from you. But your last was the saddest I have heard from you since you left England. I don’t know whether it is wrong or not to be utterly indifferent to the World (but I sh’d say it was).

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