Neurobiology of Acetylcholine by P. L. McGeer, E. G. McGeer, K. Mizukawa, H. Tago, J. H. Peng PDF

By P. L. McGeer, E. G. McGeer, K. Mizukawa, H. Tago, J. H. Peng (auth.), Nae J. Dun, Robert L. Perlman (eds.)

This Festschrift quantity in honor of Professor Alexander Karczmar is the result of a three-day symposium entitled "Neurobiology of Acetylcholine" held at Loyola college scientific heart from June three to five, 1985. This quantity serves reasons. It expresses the distinction and admiration of the members to Alex Karczmar, and it presents a discussion board for detailing contemporary advances within the cholinergic box which has attracted the undivided and untiring consciousness of Dr. Karczmar over a few forty years. in this interval, the cholinergic approach has grown from its infancy to turn into some of the most studied and understood transmitter platforms this day. Dr. Karczmar's curiosity in cholinergic approach is adequately mirrored by means of the diversity of subject matters, molecular, mobile, developmental, behavioral and toxicological, that have been mentioned right here. a close synopsis of Dr. Karczmar's learn and his contributions to the sphere of cholinergic platforms are available within the following bankruptcy through his shut pal and colleague, Dr. George Koelle. we wish to take this chance to thank the enthusiastic responses of the individuals making this Festschrift a memorable event.

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These results suggest that NGI08-1S cells have both rapidly and slowly equilibrating pools of intra2+ cellular Ca • Our findings that quantal release persists, albeit at reduced i i h ff ects 0 f Ca 2+ d epr~. , 1968a). 34 CALCIUM CONCENTRATION :§ 20 u>- 16 w 12 Z :::J 0 w a: u. a.. ; 0 • 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 17 19 TIME (min) Ca 2+ sensitivity of NG108-15/myotube quantal secretion rates. Superfusion of co-cultures with a nominally Ca 2+-free solution (no chelating Fig. 4. agents were added) led to a rapid, reversible decline in the MSP frequency.

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Uncoated beads are ineffective in causing AChR clustering. although they do adhere to the cells. This indicates that this phenomenon is not simply caused by a mechanical perturba tion. ons_ In addition to AChR clusters. the postsynaptic membrane at the neuromuscular junction is marked a set of elaborate ultrastructural specializations. These include the postsynaptic density. membrane infoldings and the basement membrane. To understand whether the latex beads can also induce these specializations.

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