Download e-book for iPad: New Trends in Formal Languages: Control, Cooperation, and by Henning Bordihn (auth.), Gheorghe Păun, Arto Salomaa (eds.)

By Henning Bordihn (auth.), Gheorghe Păun, Arto Salomaa (eds.)

This booklet offers a set of refereed papers on formal language thought prepared for the celebration of the fiftieth birthday of Jürgen Dassow, who has made an important contribution to the components of regulated rewriting and grammar systems.
The quantity includes 33 revised complete papers prepared in sections on regulated rewriting, cooperating dispensed grammar platforms, parallel speaking grammar structures, splicing structures, countless phrases, and algebraic methods to languages.

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Ginsburg, S. A. Greibach, Abstract families of languages. Memoirs Amer. Math. Soc. 87(1969), 1-32. 4. S. , Amsterdam, Oxford, 1975. 5. S. A. Greibach, Remarks on blind and partially blind one-way multicounter machines. Th. Comp. Sci. 7(1978), 311-324. 6. O. H. Ibarra, S. K. Sahni, C. E. Kim, Finite automata with multiplication. Th. Comp. , 2(1976), 271-294. 7. Gh. Pgun, A new generative device: valence grammars, Rev. Roum. Math. , 25, 6(1980), 911-924. 8. J. J. Rotman, An Introduction to the Theory of Groups, Springer-Verlag, 1995.

C2,~22/3(u2x=)y23, and pa is of t h e f o r m (0 --+ 1~b21 --+ A , . . , b 2 = --+ A,2 --+ /~, a21 - + / ~ , . . ,. C2n22 , 3 -'+ /~(x2)y23), D. In v =::>kit w, consider any derivation step t h a t is not m a d e by a m a t r i x in group 6. This step has t h e following form l b 3 1 . , a3,~2/3(u3)v33 ===>te# l c 3 1 . , c 3 , ~ 2 2 f l ( U s ) v 3 v 3 3 [P4], where P4 is of t h e f o r m (1 -+ 1,bal + A , . . , b 3 ~ - - + A , 2 - + A, a31 --+ A , . . , ca~22, 3 --+ y33). As a result, v ==+tk~p w can be expressed as lc21 .

Natural number. ft x [p] Z. By the induction hypothesis, y 9 {0, 1}{0, 1}~{2}{0, 1}*{2}({0, 1} UT)*{3}. By Claim 1, p is a matrix in one of groups 2, 3, 4, or 6. Exaxnine these matrices to see that G makes y ~ t e S , x [p] so that x E {0, 1}{0, 1}~+k{2}{0, 1}*{2}({0, 1} U T)*{3}. By contradiction, this proof next demonstrates that k = 0. Assume that k > 1. + A. Suppose that x ==~t~yt z is a one-step derivation. By Claim 1, G makes this step by using a matrix in group 5, so z ~ T*, which contradicts z E T*.

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