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Using Enumerators Many VBA functions require that you use appropriate numeric values as arguments, and they are already coded in the VBA language. For example, there is a constant value associated with each day of the week on the enumerator called vbDayOfWeek. If you type vbDayofWeek. in the VBA Immediate window (note the dot after the vbDayOfWeek enumerator name), VBA will promptly show all the members of this enumerator, representing each weekday in its quick list information (Figure 1-30). 40 CHAPTER 1 ■ UNDERSTANDING VISUAL BASIC FOR APPLICATIONS (VBA) Figure 1-30.

The value can be used by all procedure codes of the same module. • Public to all code modules: If it is declared with the Public statement and its value is available for every code module of your VBA project, you can access it from anywhere! As a programmer you will use code mode variables when you want to make intermediate calculations in one procedure and store them outside the procedure code so they can be used with other procedures of your application. Using Private Code Module Variables Suppose for a moment that the DaysCount and Years values used to calculate the age in years were derived from complex calculations that can made only once for a given data of birth (this is not the case for such simple values).

When you look at the procedure code, you can easily recognize that mintDaysCount is a module with an Integer data type variable, while the msngYears is a module with a Single data type variable. To end this RVBA naming conventions exercise, note how the Function AgeInYears6( ) procedure from Figure 1-25 should be rewritten to adapt to best programming practices: Option Explicit Public Public Public Public gintDaysCount As Integer gsngYears As Single gsngWeeks As Single gstrAge As String Public Function AgeInYears6(datDateOfBirth As Variant) As Single gintDaysCount = Date - datDateOfBirth gsngYears = gintDaysCount / 365 AgeInYears6 = gsngYears End Function This time all Public standard module variables were declared with the g prefix followed by a specific data type tag.

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