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Weight. Remember, if you can perform more than 15 repetitions, increase the weight; if you can’t do 15 repetitions, decrease the weight. Start with an exercise that is simple to perform. When you feel comfortable with your form and ability, make it more difficult by adding something unstable to stand on. Then change your position to staggered (one foot in front of the other with feet still hip-width apart), followed by standing on one leg. As you increase the difficulty of the leg position, make sure the ankle stays strong to benefit from the progression.

Inhale during the easier phase—usually when you return the weight to the starting position. How fast or slow you lift the weight makes a difference. Start with an even speed (two or three seconds) up and down. When you feel comfortable with the proper form, use more speed in the heavy phase, pause at the top, and control the weight as you return to the start position. You basically divide the exercise into three phases: fast (power), stop (pause), slow (control). Plan to do the exercises two or three times a week with at least one day of recovery in between each session.

On top of that, the versatility of terrain and surface usage is due to a tiny part of the pole—the removable asphalt paw, which is located at the bottom of the pole. Be creative and go Nordic walking on any surface (asphalt, grass, sand, dirt, snow, and ice), in various terrains (flat, hills, rugged), and in various environments (desert, mountains, beach, city streets). Be daring and try something new, beneficial, and adventurous! Chapter 2 Adventure Fit for Nordic Walking Life is like riding a bicycle.

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