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By Arthur Kemp

Given present demographic traits, eu humans will first turn into an outright minority of their personal lands in the subsequent thirty years. Thereafter, they'll develop into a tiny minority, and soon after that, will vanish thoroughly below a flood of additional immigration and miscegenation.

“Traditional” political job has didn't stem the tide, and the time has come to contemplate an alternate method so one can look after Europeans within the post-Western age. This e-book describes the stairs required to achieve a pragmatic resolution, particularly a eu ethnostate, divorced from “white supremacy” over others.

Drawing upon heritage and functional examples, the writer types an coherent argument for the production of, at the start, neighborhood ecu groups, after which ultimately, the production of a ecu ethnostate bobbing up from the chaos of a 3rd Worldized globe. It contains specific steps and territorial proposals. it's a optimistic, sensible, resolution to the problem dealing with ecu guy which would offer his salvation.

Why is it that merely the ecu everyone is lower than risk during this manner? the answer's easy, and noticeable: it's because all of the people of the earth have homelands, or heartlands, the place they could preserve their racial integrity and id, it doesn't matter what else occurs somewhere else on the earth. irrespective of how a lot the miscegenation method keeps somewhere else, China will consistently be Chinese.

Japan will regularly be Japanese.

Africa will consistently be African.

Why for this reason, is there no eu heartland, within which ecu individuals are a majority, and during which they've got the inalienable correct to keep up their racial id and integrity?

European humans want a heartland, a native land, similar to the other humans on earth.


Chapter One: The Premise

Race Is Reality—The fable of “European Colonial Debt”—The Legaland ethical correct to Self Determination—Self selection for Europeans Is the other of White Supremacism—Case research: India—The persevered life of a tradition is determined by the continuing life of Its Founding People—Case research: the yank Indians

Chapter : The ancient history and the present Reality

Non-Europeans the 1st Colonizers of Europe—Third international Immigration—Facts and Figures—Russia’s Demographics in 2010—Eastern eu Demographics

Chapter three: Can Europeans Survive?

Can Democratic Participation succeed?—Demographic Displacement in eu Heartlands—Strict keep watch over of the U.S. Democratic technique through robust Lobbies and curiosity Groups—Is it necessary Pursuing Democratic Participation? Yes!—Need to contemplate all Options—The 3 choices which needs to be Considered—Not All Whites Can, Or could be, Saved—The mental Rubicon Which has to be Crossed

Chapter 4: ethical, felony, and ancient Justification for a eu Homeland

The correct of All Racial teams to a Homeland—Tibet—The United countries everlasting discussion board on Indigenous concerns (UNPFII)—UN assertion at the Rights of Indigenous Peoples—A ecu place of birth Is Morally, Legally, and traditionally Justified—Is Western Europe now not already a eu homeland?

Chapter five: Case learn 1—Orania

Chapter 6: Case examine 2—Zionism and the country of Israel

Chapter 7: The Plan and Its Implementation

A deliberate and established Approach—Colonization Company—Local professionals First—Realism Extends to long term clients and Defense—Propaganda and Presentation

Chapter eight: The Territory

The Preconditions for a winning aim Area—Problems and Answers—Option One: picking Small areas in current States—Option : a right away method of Demographically compatible and Receptive country States—Final selection on Territory Open-Ended and to be made up our minds by means of the “Europeanists”

Chapter nine: Conclusion

The Naysayers—What is the Alternative?—The type of the State—Summary—A Noble aim.

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Demographic displacement in European heartlands; 2. Strict control of the democratic process by powerful lobbies and interest groups. Demographic Displacement in European Heartlands Firstly the demographic displacement of Europeans by non-Europeans in the former’s heartlands is increasing exponentially, not gradually as on a sliding scale. —may still in 2012 have significant white populations, it is in the faces of the under 18 age group that the future of those nations can be read. America, it will be recalled, will be majority nonwhite in the under 18 age bracket by 2019, and many western European nations are not far behind.

In other words, the society or civilization of that territory would then reflect the fact that the majority of inhabitants were now Aborigines rather than Chinese people. If China had to fill up with Aborigines, this would mean the end of Chinese civilization. Aborigines would create a new civilization which would reflect themselves rather than the Chinese people. That this should happen is actually perfectly logical. It has nothing to do with which culture is more advanced, or any notions of superiority or inferiority.

This is a logical consequence of a change in population, and is not a reflection of the supposed “superiority” or “inferiority” of any culture. The conclusion is therefore obvious: if First World nations experience a demographic shift which sees their populations replaced by Third World immigrants, then, inevitably, the prevailing culture of those First World nations will change to reflect the culture of the new majority population. In other words, mass Third World immigration into First World countries will see First World culture replaced by Third World culture, once the mass immigration reaches such levels as to inevitably bring about a change in the nature of those nations’ cultures.

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