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By William Storandt


is the tale of 2 voyages: an Atlantic crossing within the 33-foot cutter


, sure for Scotland; and the demanding voyage of self-discovery that at last introduced invoice Storandt to his lifestyles partner.

Storandt’s account of the journey he had conscientiously deliberate with longtime companion Brian Forsyth and their pal Bob quickly becomes a white-knuckled crusing story, as they come across a fierce hurricane 4 hundred miles from the Irish coast that checks their braveness and all their crusing abilities. the ocean tale, vividly evoking existence in a small boat on an incredible ocean, is interwoven with Storandt’s flashbacks to his past existence. Outbound promises its proportion of pleasure, yet it’s additionally a relocating mirrored image on how circuitous our paths may be, even if the vacation spot is apparent and beckoning.

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