Parallel and distributed logic programming by Bhattacharya A., Konar A., Mandal A. PDF

By Bhattacharya A., Konar A., Mandal A.

The booklet Parallel and allotted good judgment Programming presents a transparent creation to parallel and disbursed method of good judgment programming. It examines the prevailing versions of disbursed common sense programming, analyses the professionals and cons of those versions, and proposes an alternate framework for dispensed common sense programming utilizing prolonged Petri nets. The hardwired awareness of the Petri internet established framework is gifted intimately. ideas of mapping of a common sense application directly to the proposed framework also are defined. eventually the ebook makes an attempt to discover the scope of Petri web types in designing deductive database machines of the following new release.

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The interpretation from the second clause is {(1, d)}. The intersection of these two interpretations yield a stable point (p, q) = (1, 1). b) The interpretations from the first clause are (p, q, r) = {(0, d, d), (d, 1, d)}. The interpretations from the second and the third clauses are {(d, 0, d), (d, d, 1)} and {(d, d, 0)}. The intersection of the above three interpretations yield a stable point (p, q, r) = (0, 0, 0). c) r ←(q ←p). ≡ r ∨ ¬(q ←p). ≡ r ∨ ¬(q ∨ ¬p). ≡ r ∨ (p ∧ ¬q). ≡ (p ∨ r) ∧ (¬q ∨ r).

Build-nests (X) ←. Multiresolution Lay-eggs (X) ←Has-wings (X), Build-nests (X). Fig. 1 Possible Parallelisms in a Logic Program Besides the above forms of concurrent resolution of clauses, there exist four other types of parallelisms in a logic program. These are AND-, OR-, Stream- and Unification-parallelisms. (a) AND–parallelism The literals (predicates) separated by commas in the body of a Horn clause are usually called AND-literals. The AND-literals of a clause may be searched against Parallel and Distributed Logic Programming 31 the heads of the available clauses for resolution.

So, ! is automatically satisfied. Since ←T, R. cannot be resolved with any more clauses, the control returns to the root of the tree ←P. ] 6. Construct the SLD-tree for the following logic program and show that when a failure occurs before the ‘CUT’ statement the control returns to the parent of the clause under consideration. 46 1 An Introduction to Logic Programming Logic Program: Cl1: A ←B, C. ……. ……. , F. ……. ……. Cl7: D ←. Cl8: B ←M. and Goal: ←A. [Hints: ←A. Cl1 ←B, C. When CUT is encountered on backtracking, search is resumed here.

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