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By A. A. Buehlmann (auth.), Prof. Dr. med. Albert A. Buehlmann, Prof. Dr. med. E. Rudolf Froesch (eds.)

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0 0 ", ", = (7' ) (7') Pco. 7' ", 7' 0 7' 7' 7' (7' ) (7' ) Pulmonary vascular resistance = = = ·O=no typical change;"', '». = marked increase or decrease; 7', ~=generally a slight increase or decrease; (,lI), (~)=possible increase or decrease or such a tendency; MBC maximum breathing capacity; Compi. dynamic compliance; Resist. VT dead-space quotient. ~ ~ ...... ~ ...... 0 Bronchial asthma, attack of asthma ...... '». 0 Diaphragmatic paralysis, pleural thickening '». n! VC '». ; ...... -ven.

In this way the start of exercise is accompanied by an increase in the emptying rate, a decrease in the end-systolic volume, and an increase in the stroke volume. The high stroke volume can be maintained only if the venous return to the heart is increased accordingly. The maximal left ventricular dP / dt is about 2000 mm Hg/ sec during rest and increases to 5000-6000 mm Hg/ sec during exercise. The right ventricular values are lower in accordance with the much lower systolic pressure. Vagal stimulation and blocking of the ,8-receptors have an effect antagonistic to that of sympathetic ,81-receptor stimulation by epinephrine.

The a- and c-waves coalesce into a single wave; the a-wave is absent in atrial fibrillation. The pressure in the left atrium is normally two to three times higher than in the right atrium. The pressure drop in the thorax and pressure rise in the abdomen (below the diaphragm) during inspiration assist the venous return from the head, arms, and abdominal organs. Coughing and bearing down cause a unidirectional pressure rise in both cavities, thereby hindering the venous return from the head and extremities.

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