R. Aitken's Performing Capital: Toward a Cultural Economy of Popular and PDF

By R. Aitken

This books stories different types of capital 'popular finance' and argues that it is vital, as a website at which capital is obvious now not as a macro-structural fact yet as a class itself, which should be made and played within the areas the place is doesn't exist already. 'Culture' is used to interfere into daily areas to improve capital there.

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The practice of speculation is well nigh universal. We have professional speculators and amateur speculators. We speculate in produce, we speculate in land . . We speculate in anything and everything. The rich speculate and the poor speculate. Saints speculate and sinners speculate. Not only bankers and brokers, but merchants, mechanics, lawyers, doctors, legislators, ministers of the Gospel, dry goods clerks, newsboys, and bootblacks, endeavour to multiply their legitimate earnings by some form of speculation.

Culture as a Technical Field The reorganization of culture as a technical field in the twentieth century is emblematic of the broader sense in which all of the diverse notions of culture invoked within programs of popular finance—whether explicitly framed as technical fields or not—are intimately connected to material practice. Culture, as construed in many strands of cultural studies, has often been associated 44 ● Performing Capital with language or some “ideal” realm. This preoccupation, however, has often neglected the ways in which culture has operated at more technical or “material” levels.

The cultural acts upon the social and other categories in historically variable ways (Bennett 2000, 1425–1426). By developing generalized accounts of the role of culture and its relation to economic and social order, critical-materialist analysis tends to neglect the historically changing ways in which cultural practices and institutions “act upon” the social or the economic in specific ways and in relation to diverse Culture, Government, Capital ● 37 ends. Similarly, generalized accounts of culture also tend to emphasize a kind of line that connects different cultural practices and institutions to a common and singular project.

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