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A complete encyclopaedic dictionary on polymer expertise with accelerated entries - alternate identify and exchange marks, checklist of abbreviations and estate tables.

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A entire encyclopaedic dictionary on polymer know-how with accelerated entries - exchange identify and alternate marks, checklist of abbreviations and estate tables.

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However, because they contain main chain aromatic groups, they possess better heat resistance and stiffness than an aliphatic polyamide. See aramid and polyaryl amide. aliphatic groups or segments (provided by, for example, adipic acid sections). This gives a semi-aromatic polymer which is easier to process than the fully aromatic structure. Because of the stiff polymer chains in aromatic polymers, and the high set-up temperatures, it is easy to get high moulded-in strains with this type of material.

ASTM standard motor fuels Fuels standardized by the ASTM and which may be used to assess the swelling resistance of rubbery materials. May AT be based on iso-octane and on mixtures of iso-octane and toluene. at An abbreviation used for atmosphere. atactic poly-(propylene) See atactic polypropylene. atactic polymer A polymer in which there is no regular, repeating structure. The repeat units, along the polymer chain, do not have the same configuration: that is, the groups of atoms do not have the same orientation in space.

These are, the troposphere, the stratosphere, the ionosphere and the exosphere. The atmosphere stretches upwards for hundreds of miles but most of its mass is concentrated in the bottom four or five miles, that is, in the troposphere. atmosphere inert Usually means without oxygen and is obtained by flushing the system with an inert gas such as nitrogen. atmospheric pressure That pressure exerted by the atmosphere: this varies from location to location. At sea level it is equivalent to approximately 101·33 Pa or 760 mmHg or 14·72 psi.

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