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2. Vidicor three. Anacor four. Digicor five. Magnetic Recording of the Videosignal VI. GEOMETRIC version I. advent 2. Survey of types three. guidance of Casts four. Index of Irregularity five. In Vitro checks VII. DETECTION OF THE VENTRICULAR CONTOUR I. creation 2. Semi-automatic tools three. The effect of the informed Operator four. Conclusions VIII. facts CONVERSION 1. advent 2. Light-pen approach and Contour reminiscence three. Digicor four. review process five. info Presentation IX. software program method 1. creation 2. Modular constitution three. info Conversion four. quantity Calculation five. info Presentation 6. unique courses X. IN VIVO exams 1. advent 2. fabrics and techniques three. effects XI. UNCERTAINTY research I. advent 2. Uncertainty periods for proper Variables Propagation three. of Uncertainty four. Uncertainty period within the outcome XII. dialogue XIII. APPENDIX 1. word list 2. Dedvations three. effects XIV. REFERENCES 1. Literature 2. inner stories ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS VIII Illustrations determine Block-diagram of Instrumentation 12 1. 1 relevant Synchronization 17 2. 1 2. 2 influence of Scattered Radiation (Biplane) 18 Block-diagram of X-ray/TV-system 2. three 21 2. four Test-object for OTF-measurement 25 Spatial Responses and Optical move services 2. five 26 Deviation from Isoplanasy and impression of extra apparatus 2. 6 28 2. 7 Temporal Modulation move functionality Curves 31 2. eight Biplane Projections 33 2. nine X-ray Aiming equipment 36 2. 10 Calibration Curve 37 three. 1 focus vs. Tube Voltage Curves forty five three. 2 Markers and Applicators forty eight three. 3.

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3) o in which D is the thickness of a homogeneous layer, irradiated perpendicularly. A mathematical model of contrast formation including the emission of the tube target, the absorption process, and the conversion of the absorption relief into an image has been published by STRID (1973), the computed data have been compared with experimentally measured values by LANTZ (1973). Characterization of radiation quality by one "effective wavelength" has been discussed by WOLSCHENDORF (1973) for low-energy radiation.

Dependent on the type of problem, a reduction of the dose to the patient of 90% (DORPH, 1970) or 2 to 60 times (GROLLMAN, 1972) has been reported. 19 3. 'Imaging Characteristics of the Image-intensifier/TeZevision System The methods one can use to extract quantitative data from radiographs are dependent upon those qualities of the image which lend themselves to analysis (ROCKOFF,1972). Attempts to measure image quality in radiology (STIEVE,1966) as well as the use of techniques from linear systems theory (PFEILER,1968) have been described.

All spatial frequencies are given with reference to the object plane. Fig. 2. Bruin,Image Quality Group, Philips Medical Systems Division, for their assistance in obtaining the curves of Figs. 6. 29 by a water-equivalent absorber of 20 cm thickness placed around the lead edge absorber. During this measurement, the BUCKY-filters have been inserted, to reproduce the situation as used in clinical practice. In this approach, the image deterioration caused by the system is judged on the basis of the amplitude spectrum of spatial frequencies describing the output image, compared with the input spectrum.

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