Prof. Giovanni Ruggiero, Prof. Jacques Bories, Prof. Alberto's Radiological Exploration of the Ventricles and Subarachnoid PDF

By Prof. Giovanni Ruggiero, Prof. Jacques Bories, Prof. Alberto Calabrò, Dr. Gianfranco Cristi, Dr. Giuseppe Scialfa, Prof. Francesco Smaltino, Prof. André Thibaut (auth.)

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The diagnosis is obvious on the standard image (a). However, the aqueduct deformation is visible only on tomogram (b). In this case tomography is not ve ry useful b a Fig. 43a, b. Pituitary Chromophohe Adenoma. The anterior portion of the third ventricle is much more clearly visib le on tomogram (b), which shows, in particular, that the ventricular morphology is preserved, i. e. that the chiasmatic and pituitary recesses, though strongly stretched and divergent, are sti ll recognizable. Nevertheless.

5 cm to the Icrt and thc right of the midline. rc ·pcc· lively. c. Ih~ aqueduct. and the third \cnlriclc in Ihe e Ihrec picture . he subarach· noid pace of the prcvermi. i ' ligh tl) morc dearl) i ib lc in (a) a h c Tomography 33 b Fig. 27 a- c. Negatire Encephalography. Tomographr ot the Midline Structures of the Posterior Fossa in Lateral Projectioll. On the standard lateral radiograph (b) the aqueduct and the fourth ventricle are poorly visible, probably because they are unusually small, as shown by (a).

Encephalography. Examination of the Cisterns of the Posterior Fossa and of the Brain Stel71. The great cistern, th e cisterns of the cerebello -pontine angles, the pontine cistern. and the interpeduncular cistern are very well visuali zed on standard radiograp hs (a , c). In the postero-anterior view the negative image of the basilar artery and its terminal branches is better visua li zed on the tomogram (f). In the latera l view the basilar artery is better visua li zed on tomogram (b), whereas the or igin of the posterior cereb ral arteries is visible on ly on the standard rad iograph (a).

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