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By Clayton A. May (Eds.)

content material: prestige of high-temperature laminating resins and adhesives / P.M. Hergenrother and N.J. Johnston --
prestige assessment of PMR polyimides / Tito T. Serafini --
The synthesis of a brand new type of polyphthalocyanine resins / T.M. Keller and J.R. Griffith --
Silicone amine cured fluoroepoxy resins / J.R. Griffith and J.G. O'Rear --
Phenylated polyimidazopyrrolones : polymerization of a phenylated bis(phthalic anhydride) with fragrant tetraamines / Frank W. Harris, Rodney M. Harris, Michael Keller, and William A. Feld --
Synthesis and houses of fluoroalkylarylenesiloxanylene (FASIL) high-temperature polymer / Harold Rosenberg and Eui-Won Choe --
research of adhesive fracture trying out equipment for aerospace use / ok. Kawata, H. Fukuda, N. Takeda, and A. Hondo --
at the mechanics of peeling / Hiroshi Fukuda and Kozo Kawata --
Waterborne polymers for plane coatings / Loren W. Hill and Daniel E. Prince --
The chemistry of low-energy curable coatings for aerospace functions / A. Frank Leo --
High-solids coatings for external plane / R.E. Wolf, C.J. Ray, G. McKay, and J.M. Butler --
Solvent-removable coatings for digital functions / J.J. Licari and B.L. Weigand --
Acetylene-substituted polyimides as capability high-temperature coatings / N. Bilow --
improvement of launch-tube-mounted polyurethane seals for missile release structures / Joseph F. Meier, George E. Rudd, Albert J. Molnar, Donald D. Jerson, Morris A. Mendelsohn, and Girard B. Rosenblatt --
improvement of missile-mounted polyurethane seals for missile release structures / Joseph F. Meier, George E. Rudd, Albert J. Molnar, Donald D. Jerson, Morris A. Mendelsohn, and David F. Weir --
Molecular composites : rodlike polymer reinforcing an amorphous polymer matrix / G. Husman, T. Helminiak, W. Adams, D. Wiff, and C. Benner --
Analytical options utilized to the optimization of LARC-160 composite lamination / A. Wereta, Jr. and D.K. Hadad --
Structure-property relatives of composite matrices / Roger J. Morgan and Eleno T. Mones --
Viscoelastic homes of fiber-reinforced plastics / Haruo Yoshida --
Interphase resin amendment in graphite composites / R.V. Subramanian and James J. Jakubowski --
Dynamic mechanical characterization of complex composite epoxy matrix resins of altered composition / M. Von Kuzenko, C.E. Browning, and C.F. Fowler --
Anisotropic measurements on single-ply lamina composites / Wayne J. Mikols and James C. Seferis --
Acoustic fatigue energy of fiber-reinforced plastic panels / T. Fujii, T. Fukuda, S. Iida, and M. Sano --
a brand new polyester matrix resin procedure for carbon fibers / Robert Edelman and Paul E. McMahon --
Nuclear magnetic resonance characterization of a few polyphthalocyanine precursors / C.F. Poranski, Jr. and W.B. Moniz --
Torsional pendulum research of the effect of molecular constitution at the healing and transitions of polyphthalocyanines / John ok. Gillham --
Dynamic fracture in aerospace excessive polymers / Akira Kobayashi and Nobuo Ohtani --
rigidity price dependency of the tensile energy of fiber-reinforced plastics / Taichi Fujii and Mitsunori Miki --
Experimental research of hydrothermal getting older in fiber-reinforced composites / D.H. Kaelble --
Moisture diffusion and microdamage in composites / Chuk L. Leung and David H. Kaelble --
Self-stress-enhanced water migration in composites / N.R. Farrar and K.H.G. Ashbee --
dimension of the distribution of water in a graphite epoxy by way of precision abrasion mass spectrometry / M.A. Grayson --
Quantitative research of resin matrix getting older by way of gel permeation chromatography and differential scanning calorimetry / David J. Crabtree --
influence of room-temperature getting older on graphite/polyimide prepreg fabrics / H.C. Nash, C.F. Poranski, Jr., and R.Y. Ting --
Characterization of getting older results of LARC-160 / Philip R. younger and George F. Sykes.

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R e c e n t l y , i n an e x t e n s i o n o f the newly deve­ loped silanol-acetoxysilane polycondensation r e a c t i o n f o r the syn­ t h e s i s o f d i m e t h y l - s u b s t i t u t e d p o l y ( a r y l e n e s i l o x a n y l e n e s ) 4 i t was found p o s s i b l e t o s y n t h e s i z e the corresponding m e t h y l ( 3 , 3 , 3 - t r i f l u o r o p r o p y l ) analogs. F o r example, by the r e a c t i o n o f 1 , 3 - b i s [ h y d r o x y m e t h y l ( 3 , 3 , 3 - t r i f l u o r o p r o p y l ) s i l y l ] benzene w i t h t h e appropriately-substitute anes, I I I ( R = R = R 3 R4 = C F C H C H ) w e r e o b t a i n e d .

ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1980. 6. ROSENBERG AND CHOE Fasti Polymers 53 type v i n y l - t e r m i n a t e d o l i g o m e r s , c h a i n extenders and c r o s s l i n k i n g agents have been s y n t h e s i z e d t o enable t h e e a r l y development o f a FASIL-based f i l l e t i n g s e a l a n t . L a s t l y , from t h e p r o p e r t i e s obt a i n e d i n the e v a l u a t i o n o f i t s v u l c a n i z a t e s , FASIL o f f e r s f u r t h e r p o t e n t i a l a s a base polymer f o r c h e m i c a l - r e s i s t a n t s e a l applications.

W i r t h , J. ; Heath, D. ; Kochanowski, J. ; M a n e l l o , J. S . ; Webber, M . ; 177th N a t i o n a l American Chemical S o c i e t y Meeting, Polymer P r e p r i n t s , April 1979, 20 (1), 179. W i l l i a m s , F . ; Donahue, P . ; J. O r g . , 1977, 42, 3414. Beck, J. R . ; Sobizak, R. ; Suhr, R. ; Yahner, J. Α . ; J. Org. , 1974, 39, 1839. R e l i e s , Η. ; Orlando, C. ; Heath, D. ; Schluenz, R. W . ; M a n e l l o , J. S . ; Hoff, S . ; J. Polym. , 1977, 15, 2441. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1980.

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