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The core would have held a top-rope fall . . maybe. Now I slide some old 1-inch runners over the 11mm rope, moving them to points of friction. I have never had to replace any of the webbing or buy a new anchor rope, but I feel better about what's holding me, and that's what counts. Lead Climbing Leading the way, reading the rock, confidently placing the protection, using all your skills in seemingly effortless combination, with nothing but the sky above you: yes, this is lead climbing. But it's best to learn how to lead by following somebody who already knows.

Anchors will be discussed in detail later, but the point to be stressed here is that you should know exactly what is attaching you to the rock and how it will work in case of a fall. You should have no doubt in your mind that you are clipped into something substantial: a runner of sufficient strength with screwgate carabiners throughout the chain, or two standard carabiners with the gates reversed and opposed. To properly arrange two standard carabiners, clip them in together, then rotate one 180 degrees.

Page ix Introduction The problem in writing a free-climbing text is where to start. What is very basic to some climbers may be a revelation to others. Techniques and tools vary from area to area. To be on the safe side, I will risk repeating some of the fundamentals, and some ideas may appear more than once in the text, to give some unity in a step-by-step approach to a subject that is basically a process, not a hierarchical body of knowledge. After a look at the game called climbing, we will examine definable skills, which should be mastered before any roped climbing is attempted.

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